Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Discovering HerWord

A lot of people often wondered why I know a lot of stuff even when I was a kid. It may have been true that I read a lot but often times my knowledge went beyond books. Though spending many hours infront of the tv helped there were days that ours was not working for months. Incidentally we were the last people in our neighborhood who had a colored tv simply because we could not afford it . Poverty and my dad 's illness made us struggle and not even my mom's basic salary as a grade school teacher was barely enough to make us through the day. However the hunger to learn had been ingested in our young minds by our parents. Thus the yearning to read and watch continued even if that would mean going to my aunt 's house and staying there for hours just to satisfy my longing for knowledge.

Nowadays it is not only through books, magazines and television where one can learn. The internet and the rest of the  cyberworld had contributed a lot where people can now be updated with just a click of the mouse. Though there are still some under priveleged ones who still rely on books , television, radio stations and the rest of the media, if one needs to be upbreast with the times social media will still be the utimate choice.

As a working mom of seven I always take into account what comes first. It is not really unusual to set aside things for recreation especially if one is constantly  bombarded with never ending financial demands from school fees, rent ,groceries  and utility bills. Though the hunger to learn and earn still had not been lessened one creatively search for means without having to look that far.  It was then that I  discovered Herword.com.

Herword.com is a site that caters not just to women but to men as well. It features stories and articles about lifestyle, fashion,finance, entertainment, legal matters, parenting, child rearing and relationships. It also offers different promotions where it is very easy to join and even win. Aside from that the site also accepts contributors for short stories and articles, an opportunity that I grabbed and luckily been rewarded when my article was featured on Mother's day of 2012. And that is not all because my daughter  Kyle also won in one of their promotions last December.

So if you are looking for a site where you can be updated, learn and earn at the same time come join the community of HerWord.com. Once you drop by you might just find yourself coming back for more.


  1. This is helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Ms. Sarah! I clicked the link you gave and it looks like an interesting site. Still exploring the site. Good that you found a writing opportunity there.

    Off topic: I emailed you about your queries re: domain reg. I see that you've been re-decorating your blog. Nice!

  3. Hi Sarah!How's life? It's been a while since the last time I checked on you. This is a nice post. Thanks for the info. I'm really a net addict..I can spend 10 hours just by reading articles. Articles ha hindi books. Pag sa book kasi kahit ebook pa.. isang page pa lang antok na ako.. pero kung articles na talagang essentials.. naku!!! love na love ko un! :)
    NETWORM ba ang tawag sakin non? kasi diba kung book, bookworm. LOL.. Thanks so much for this site. I'll definitely check on it. And I'll check the rest of your posts as well.. I just miss reading yours..