Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three Reasons To Take A Taxi

There are many situations when you might need to call a taxi company for a reliable transportation alternative.Whether you need a safe ride home after a night out of town or you need to arrange transportation for some of your business clients, visit a site like and book your taxi service today.

1. Safety

Climbing behind the wheel of your vehicle when you have had a few drinks is illegal and unwise. Not only could you earn yourself a hefty ticket, have your license revoked or earn jail time, you  could seriously threaten your own life and the lives of others. Police across North America have been cracking down on drunk driving and other agencies have been spreading the message trying to educate people to find alternative ways to get home after a visit to the bar or a party with friends. Keep a taxi company's business card in your wallet or program the number into your phone so you will always have the information nearby if you need a ride home. Some companies even offer incentives to those who call for a ride home after having a drink.

2. Convenience

If you do not own your own vehicle, it can be hard to get from one place to another. In some cities the public transit services are really good, but even then, there are occasions where you might not wait in the rain or scorching heat to catch your bus. Find a taxi company that is fairly priced and reliable and you won't have the stress about getting to your job interview on time. You can even plan a taxi pick you up from the grocery store so you don't have to lug your grocery bags back on the bus or the subway with you.

3. Travel

When you arrive in  a city with a bunch of luggage, it is fairly standard to take a taxi to your hotel, though some people do like to navigate the subway systems to save a bit of cash.Visit a site like to learn about taxi services that are reliable and affordable. Consider utilizing a taxi throughout your visit so you won't have to worry about getting lost in a familiar city.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Are you familiar with those Father and Son logos who always keep moving to form the word "NICK JR?" Honestly not that much until my youngest son Red started writing them or to be more precise "drawing them" almost anywhere - on our walls, on our floors, on his sisters' notebooks and even on his own shirts and shorts (he prefers the red ones) as well. Needless to say my son is an avid fan of anything associated with NICK JR and its characters, DORA included. In fact I already have gotten used to seeing their faces each time he asks us to visit and watch them over and over again at

I wonder how Red and his sisters would react once they learn they can get to watch and see a free show at SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia on June 30th which happens to be the last Sunday of the month?

One thing for sure my kids will not give me a peaceful week the minute they learn about this. So for those of you who are interested visit the WorkingMom Magazine Facebook Page for more details. As for me I need to collect on my son's artworks so he can get to have an autograph. It is not everyday that he gets his wishes come true anyway.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For All Dads in Heaven

How often do I think of you Dad? I have stopped counting the days. From the time you have left until this day, I remember your stories, your music and laughter just like yesterday. The way on how you took care of us including Mom when you decided to be literally, the man of the house, from cooking our meals, taking care of the laundry, doing house repairs to budgeting Mom's small pay from teaching then. Often times we were amazed on how good you multitasked and how you made things easier for us.

You encouraged us to study, to learn and do well in school simply because you believed that poverty will never be a deterrent in achieving one's dream.You have proven that yourself when you finished your college education, doing odd jobs to the point of being a house help and a "kargador " in the markets. Being the musically gifted artist you were able to get a scholarship for being the band leader of Far Eastern University and the rest was history.

Speaking of history a lot of people, Filipinos even are unaware until now that you were one of the first artists to act live on the musical stage called Zarzuela and in the cast included two of the icons of the Philippine movie industry, the famous dela Rosa brothers-Rogelio and Jaime. What more a lot of people perhaps would not believe that you shared the stage with the former President Diosdado Macapagal better known as "The Poor Boy from Lubao." Who would ever thought Dad that this historical fact was left unrecognized until now? I know that it did not matter to you even then but to me, your family especially your grandkids, it does. It does matter and I know one day history will recognize your contributions to the world.

There has never been a day that I had not miss you. At this age I have to admit that there were instances when I see an old Dad carrying his child, at the mall or on my way home I remember you. Perhaps you will laugh at that observance as you were already on your forty's when you had me, your first princess but that was not enough reason to let me have my way all the time. You made sure I grew up disciplined despite my stubbornness. There maybe rules that I chose not to follow but you made it a point to meet me halfway. What more you encouraged me to be independent, to see and experience the real world  knowing all too well you will not be there for long.

Life had been hard when you crossed over but now I know why. Though getting used to your absence was one of the hardest things that I have learned, knowing that your love and care had stayed through these years was more than enough for me to move on. Besides I can see and feel you everyday still, from my kids, from the stories I write and read, the movies I watch, songs that I hear and sing, even from the people I meet everyday. It only shows you never really left and as long as I can feel that loving presence it will be enough for me. You just made sure of that.

Lastly, thank you for simply being my Dad.

BoomWriter Storytellers Camp

Want to have your kid's story publish with the help of a blockbuster author? It maybe too good to be true but this coming July will give you the chance to write and get published with a celebrity guest author Jeff Kinney, the best selling author and cartoonist of the Diary of A Wimpy Kid Series  who will be there at the BoomWriter Storytellers Camp to help your kids  get started.

 The BoomWriter Storytellers Camp provides aspiring middle school-aged writers to be published and camp participants will also receive daily writing lessons and be inspired by Jeff Kinney to create compelling original stories.

 Now who can join?

Sadly this is for aspiring writers entering Grades 6-8 but if if this storyteller camp is open even to those kids at heart I will grab this opportunity at a drop of a hat. I always enjoy watching the Diary of A Wimpy Kid Stories, with all its craziness and kid stuff fiasco plus I love watching it together with my kids where our laughter and noise could annoy even our neighbors. Thankfully my kids and I have not been reprimanded yet.

The online writing camp starts on July 22nd and ends at Aug 16th of 2013. It will be a one-week online writing camp consisting of instruction,writing,feedback and peer review. Each morning which is anytime between 7am to 11am EST campers get to view an online writing lesson then read, write and submit their entry. All submissions will be reviewed by BoomWriters instructors. Then later in the day which is anytime between 3pm to 10pm EST campers will read the submissions of some of the other participants and get to vote they like best.Campers will be notified of the winning submission the following morning prior to that days' lesson. The process will continue throughout the  week until the story is completed and a book is published.

Ain't it cool to attend a storyteller camp even at the confines of one's home? Sadly I only have one daughter who just entered 8th grade and her interests are on DIY and crafts but for parents,guardians and even teachers who are interested you can now encourage and help register your kids at Space is limited so do not delay in reserving your space in the camp.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. It was written for the reason that I love the Diary of Wimpy Kid stories and simply because I am always a kid at heart.

For more info on BoomWriter Storytellers Camp visit

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Not So Separation Anxious Kids

The third day of June for 2013 officially marks the beginning of the school year for most grade and high schools students here in the Philippines. As always one can see the familiar school busses with eager, excited and even sleepy kids in uniform, parents bringing and picking up their kids from school plus the expected moderate to heavy traffic, as what to be expected every time the school year starts. Since I only have my youngest son Red to take care of because he still studies at Pasay City Sped Center, I am thankful that his one on one class only lasts for an hour under the same teacher and that his schedule is still the same, at 8 am which is really not that early. Though Red is now 9 years old and had gotten used to his schedule some kids still catch my attention specially those who have separation anxiety each time school starts.

According to Raising Children Network, "separation anxiety is the fear children have of being parted from their parents or guardians and that it is common among pre schoolers and toddlers." It reaches its peak in babies aged 14-18 months and typically decreases throughout early childhood. Though this is a normal part of development and should not be concerned about, as children reach pre school age they are less likely to experience separation anxiety.

I cannot help but smile how my kids differently managed, handled and survived their first day of classes' experiences. Though I could recall being with them on that first day because they have lots of things to carry and just so they would feel secure with their new environment, still I was able to leave them with their teachers with no fuss and separation anxiety drama. I could even recall how my son Scott told me not to stay long once his day care classes has started and to return home to take care of the household which elicited laughter among the moms who were patiently waiting for their kids until their class ended, telling me that how they wished their kids were as independent as my son. Even  kids who have special needs at Pasay City Sped Center are trained to be independent once school starts. I recall Red falling in line with his classmates and since he was the first among the queue he felt a little insecure and continued to hold my hand. His teacher patiently told him to let go and to lead his classmates to their classroom. Red was uncooperative at first and I was afraid he would create a scene. In the end he cooperated, silently leading his classmates only for us to learn he lead them all not to their room but up to the second floor for a tour which elicited laughter from most parents and teachers including me.

I know that every kid is different and each parent has his unique ways of handling separation anxiety. Through the years I have practiced some basic tips handed down by my mom who was a retired teacher and a great influence on how I was able to raise my not so separation anxious kids. And here are some of them.

* Let your kids visit the school where they will be attending while they are young. Familiarity is a great way to lessen anxiety especially when the school starts. If possible take them with you during school activities, short meet ups with their siblings' teachers and classmates. It would also help to introduce your kids to these people so not to feel alienated with their surroundings.

* Always tell your kids when you are leaving and when you will be back. For me this is very important while the kids are young as it creates security especially during those times that they feel you are not around. Knowing that you will always be back to pick them up will help a lot in getting them settled once school starts.

* Tell stories or watch movies about kids going to school with a happy and secure theme. Letting them   see school kids saying goodbye to their parents or guardians less the drama on their way to their classrooms will be a great motivation once it is their turn to study.

*Lastly trust your kids that they will be okay once you let go of them. This maybe better said than done but if one continue to worry if their kids will make it on their first day of school or not, it will only add to their anxiety

School and learning may have its own share of anxiety when it comes to letting go. Some kids may go through the initial stage with no fuss while others need more understanding than others. As routine and familiarity takes place, alienation is lessened. Who knows at the end of the school year our kids may turn out to be more confident and independent than  we have ever imagined.