Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The WAHM 101: How To Be A Work-At-Home Mom

Remember that time when you felt guilty leaving your kids at home while you were at work ? I believe all mothers have gone through that stage especially the new ones when they were torn between working or just staying at home with her children. Some mothers were lucky to have husbands whose income can support their family's needs while others were not. Some even did not have a choice and that included yours truly. Being unemployed for more than a decade with seven kids to feed, I had braved to enter the call center industry which was very challenging not only because of the graveyard shifts but the fast paced working environment filled with toxic customers and ever changing metrics. I even thought that I will not be able to make it on my first month. But when I thought about my kids and their future which was at stake, all doubts and insecurities disappear giving me confidence to look for other means on how I could earn more.

After more than seven years working for the same call center company and two of my kids already finished college, I have learned that nothing is difficult if you put your mind and heart to it. Through the years I only not learned to communicate effortlessly and spontaneously in English but realized that I could also express myself in the written word. When I started blogging two years ago as a creative outlet due to the growing stress at work, I learned the possibility of earning from it as well. Though hard work, discipline and determination will always be a given, there is really nothing to loose if one takes advantage of seminars and workshops offering how to do the work right.

Brought to you by Manila Workshops & together with, Unilab  & Insular Life, the workshop will be held on June 28,2014 at the 12th Floor , Multi-Purpose Hall, Insular Life, Ayala Ave corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City. 

So if you want to learn from successful work at home moms from the WAHMderful Life Community, head on to the Manila Workshops website and register so you can save a seat. You can also follow them at facebook & twitter for more updates. 


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