Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Join Be Fit N Fly with Gardenia Health Breads and Tigerair Promo

My kids and I love Gardenia Breads that I make sure I buy a couple of loaves each time I do the groceries. The reason behind is obvious. You can eat it plain or you could add your favorite "palaman" or filling to make it more sumptuous. But knowing my kids' appetite, they will not hesitate to eat in plain form. In fact I make sure I buy a separate loaf of my own that I could bring at work which I could devour sans the guilt without my hungry minions asking for more. 

One of the reasons why we love Gardenia Breads is their nutritious content. It is rich in fibre which is very helpful especially if you are always on the go and have a sedentary lifestyle. We all need fibre to help maintain a regular metabolism, making sure we get rid of our bodies' toxins. I could attest to that personally because before I started my journey to fitness, there were days that I have experienced constipation especially during summer. I knew that it was not a good thing and started to get a bit worried because my lifestyle was sedentary then. Since I  started having three slices of bread of Gardenia Raisins during my break instead of the usual junk food, my constipation had lessened and going to the bathroom was no longer such a hassle. Add that with having an active lifestyle really improved my metabolism indeed.

And since I love Gardenia Breads it is only but natural to take advantage of their upcoming promos . And who does not want to have a chance of winning free airfare for  two  to any of your dream summer destinations? 

Below are the mechanics :

*  Like Gardenia Nutrition & Wellness and Tigerair Facebook page. 

* Simply upload a photo of you with your friends or family enjoying the summer with Gardenia Slim N Fit Wheaten Bread. 

* Along with the photo must be a caption explaining how your summer becomes extra special with Gardenia Slim N’ Fit.

* Must tag the Gardenia Nutrition & Wellness Facebook page and the Tigerair Facebook page with hashtags:#FitNFlySummer #Gardeniaph #Tigerair.

* Finally submit your entry by sending your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, COMPLETE ADDRESS, CONTACT #, AGE, BIRTHDAY and LINK OF YOUR ENTRY at

So what are you waiting for ? Visit  the Gardenia's website for more updates because this promo is valid only until May 31,2014. You could also check their ongoing promos as well. Hurry ! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

X-Men : Days of Future Past

If you will be given the chance  to correct your past so you can save the future, what will it be ?  Such question will make one stop and ponder a bit on the things and decisions hurriedly done only to regret them years later . 

I am not an exception . 

There had been a lot of things that I wished I could have taken back. Pursuing my love for writing and making a career out of it, engaging in outdoor sports, learning how to handle my finances and making wise decisions in investing for a house, life insurance and my kids' future, finding time to do the things I love like traveling, watching concerts, being active in noteworthy causes  and spending more time with the people I care about. The lists seem to go on and on. 

Sadly we can never really go back to our past and correct it so we can have a future free of remorse and guilt no matter how we try. The only way we could make peace with our past is to accept and learn from it, hoping that it will not continue to haunt us and believe that it is never too late to achieve the dreams we thought we have missed. Life has a strange way of rounding things that is why I had learned the hard way not to cry over spilled milk many times and appreciate what life has to offer, looking it like a half filled glass instead of it half empty. Besides, there is so much to gain if you chose to focus on the brighter side of things and hope that a better future is in store ahead of us. 

On a lighter note, if only I am a mutant who has the power to control time and revisit my past, change it so I could save the future then regrets and remorse will not be in my vocabulary. And though at times I feel like I belong to a different world getting lost in a make believe one, I wonder if there were humans who also feel they came from a different genetics. Such thought makes me get carried away and believe they are for real especially if I am watching their stories in the wide screen.

I am referring to none other than one of the most awaited movies of the year. 

Produced by 20th Century Fox and directed by Bryan Singer with a powerhouse cast starting with Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen, Nicholas Holt, Ellen Page, James McAvoy  &   Michael Fassbender. 

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class in an epic battle that must change the past - to save our future.

Watch how the X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants. Coming this May 21, 2014 to theaters near you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What Makes Me Proud As A Mom

There had been a time that I cannot help but feel uncomfortable when some people learn that I have seven kids and three of them have special needs. The questions and reactions at times were unnerving which made me decide to become aloof after that or pretend to ignore their existence which may include strangers and sadly other family relatives. There was even a time a snoopy kid from our neighborhood told my kids that how come their mom was again pregnant when they were already too many to handle. Since my kids had always been spitfires, one of my daughters told this kid that it was none of her business and that since they were many, they do not need an extra playmate who was such a gossiper at a very young age. 

Hmm. I wonder where they got that from.

Sadly it was too late for me to contemplate how unprepared I was when I had gotten married and how the kids came to my world one by one.Though it was tempting to resort to abortion due to hopelessness and depression, my deep rooted values won and so all of them were born, miraculously with no birth complications but sadly three were not spared with special disabilities. Still I carried on. From a stay at home mom of thirteen years I took the risk and decided to work even if it would mean the kids being separated for the first time. We all adjusted to that great change in our lives and some were initially affected, myself included. There were days that I felt like giving up and at times question fate on how long the ordeal will go on. 

Looking back now I have realized that accepting motherhood have never been easy at first especially if one became a Mom unprepared and the learning turned more challenging as the years went on. Now after twenty-one years of being a Mom, I have learned that the simple things and achievements are what made me most proud of.Two of my girls already had finished their studies. Two are still in college and the other three who have special needs are also in school. Though financially we are not well off, with lots of bills and debts to pay and with no place of our own yet, my kids turned out to be healthy,independent and hardworking who value their studies and the people who have helped us along the way. What more  they have been gifted with this innate ability to see the brighter things in life by choosing to laugh more and accept to live within our means. Such core values that would make any mother proud. And since May is that time of the year when we recognize and appreciate not just our own mothers but any mother, whether biological or not for that matter, I am inviting everybody to join Mommy Mundo's "You The Mom!" Campaign  this coming EXPOMOM 2014.

"You ! The Mom " campaign affirms  all the awesome things that Moms do every single day, whether they' re taking care of their children at home, working on a business, doing volunteer work for a cause they believe in or helping out a friend in need. It will celebrate you and all fellow moms who inspire others at this year's biggest mom gathering , EXPO MOM 2014.

EXPO MOM puts the spotlight on the inspiring things Moms do for their families and communities through this event, where it will feature all day talks on May 16 and 18, interactive activities and the signature mompreneur market EXPO MOM had been known for. Check out the schedule of activities, list pf exhibitors and vendors at It will also feature 8 inspiring moms through the You the Mom ! online gallery, with photography by Cres Yulo.

Happening this weekend, May 16-18, 2014 from Friday to Sunday at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center, Palm Drive, Makati City, EXPO MOM 2014 will feature more than 60 booths showcasing your fave brands, mompreneur businesses and the latest services and resource for moms.

Get a chance to win P5,000 shopping spree at EXPO MOM ! Post your own "You the Mom !" Statement on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Share what you are most proud of as a mom using the hashtags #youthemom and #expomommanila. Deadline of posts is on May 15,2014.