Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Worthy Visit at MomLifeTV

Ever heard of  a site for moms where you can learn not by just reading articles but by watching them in video at the same time? We have to admit that not everybody like to read and that watching videos appear more tempting not only to kids but to moms as well. In fact I am one of those people who have learned a lot watching TV while growing up. It is also one of the best ways to bond with my kids especially during weekends when all of us are all comfy and look forward to get together and talk about almost anything under the sun. As a mom of seven who are now mostly teens there had been a time that I did not know anything about motherhood and I have to rely on self help books or articles I have read each time I felt I am not sure if I was doing the right thing. Though some did work, others were hard to understand while some were not worth taking the risk of applying it to my own children. I even told myself then that it would be great if somebody with experience will just appear in front of me and explain what I just read. At times a soothing and understanding voice is enough to make one mother feel that she is doing just fine.

The birth of social media had helped a tremendous way of empowering moms especially for those who are just starting to learn the basics of motherhood. And one of these sites that deserves a worthy visit is, a vibrant lifestyle destination designed to inspire Moms at every life stage of parenting through videos and articles. From pregnancy, parenting tips, family relationships, healthy living and nutrition, budget-friendly tips, careers, education, travel, entertainment, shopping and a lot more, offers essential information that will empower Moms with knowledge and strength creating a positive change for their families, communities and the world. It speaks to every mom's physical, emotional and spiritual needs providing her the much needed support and essential information to be her best everyday.

So if you are one Mom who would like to know the essentials of motherhood by reading articles or watching them in videos, visit You might just find out that once you pay it a visit you may want to come back for more.

Monday, May 20, 2013

An All Day Health Event For Women (Only in The Philippines)

How often do we find time for fitness in our lives? A number of Filipina women mostly busy moms would agree that since most of their days are spent either in the office or at home, finding time for fitness is always a challenge. Aside from the fact that it takes a lot of motivation and scheduling to squeeze in some fitness activities in one's busy life, the eagerness to see the results in such a short time may add to the reasons why most women lack interest when it comes to exercise. Money reasons may also be another factor why others are discouraged. While some can afford to enroll in a gym membership, join fun runs and Zumba parties, the idea that one still has to spend in order to get fit will always be a major consideration especially if one is on a tight budget. Good thing there will always be affordable events meant not only for budget conscious women but for moms who yearn to have time for themselves by getting fit.

On June 1st, Women's Health Magazine will have its biggest fitness and wellness party for this year named "ARE YOU GAME?" which will be held at SM Music Hall at SM Mall Of Asia. It will be an all-day feel-good festival filled with the latest in fitness work outs, sports apparel and gear, beauty consultations and services, wellness products and services, health food and other fun activities by Women's Health, the number one magazine for every Pinay who values healthy lifestyle.

Since a lot of women, moms included will definitely take advantage of the said event, many would prefer to get in early. The less hassle it is to register, the better. And because the staff of Women's Health Magazine recognize how hectic every Pinay's schedule is, they have opened a pre registration for those who want to get access to the express lane. What more you get to bring one friend for free once you pre register. Simply buy a copy of the May or June issue, bring a valid ID and that will serve as your entrance pass for the event. 

So if I were you find time to spend one Saturday for fitness not just for yourself but with your friends and other family members as well. Not only will it be a great way to bond with them but to appreciate once again how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle.

To pre register for Women's Health Magazine's "ARE YOU GAME " please visit their facebook page or simply pre register here.

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day Reflections

I have always looked  forward in celebrating Mother's Day with my mom and kids especially when I started working and have spent less times with my mom which sadly became fewer in between. Thus I always file my vacation leave in advance if Mother's Day will be a work day. Unfortunately due to the fact that whole month of April had been full of illness and blessings in disguise I got preoccupied that I failed to file my leave early. Thus when I found out that a team mate got the slot ahead of me I cannot help but feel sad. So I  decided to give my gift early and told my mom about it who was then in the city visiting and staying with my brother's family. As always she understood, even telling me that she has to leave on that day with my other kids as she was going to vote for the elections the next day.

Despite the many promotions and events intended for Mother's Day I have spent it resting and getting in touch with my mom over the phone. As always the well wishers  both at work and on social media could be seen, heard and read. There were lots of  messages addressed to all moms, either biologically or by choice and some of them really touched a sensitive chord in my heart. 

One of them came from a family friend's son, now in CA and has a family of his own. I could not help but  like and comment on what he wrote on

By Rodolfo Pring Jr
Mothers are not perfect. Mother’s Day can be painful for those whose mothers were absent, mean or abusive. I like to think it is never too late to have a happy childhood. Life has its challenges and is exceedingly unfair for many. So we cherish the love, comfort and safety our mothers provided, and we forgive the words and actions that hurt us.We do not have to forget, but we do have to forgive so we can move on with our lives. Living in the folds of old wounds does not allow us to fully see and experience the gifts of today.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms in the world!

*from *

Junior was just a young boy when his parents left for the US. It was their aunt and uncle who guided and took the role as parents while he and his siblings were growing up. He and his brother Mario were some of the smart kids that always made us laugh in our neighborhood and that included my dad. They were also musically gifted and excelled in academics just like their elder siblings. Though the whole family is now based in CA they have remained humble through the years, always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. I found his post very inspiring, touching on forgiveness and acceptance that despite our flawed characters it is never too late to relive and capture what was once lost.

Another message came from a mother figure at work who already resigned and who I have not seen for months now. I have gotten used on visiting her post before I head for home and since our schedules had changed it came to a point that those visits became rare. When I told her how sorry I was that I have not been there to spend some time on her last day of work, tears started to fall. I realized how much I miss her especially when she wrote that my mom raised me well enough to be a good mother. I feel so blessed choosing her to be my mom at the workplace because she taught me the real meaning of forgiveness and was one of the reasons why I chose to get up and push myself to work because I know just hearing her voice would melt all my hurt and worries away. 

I thought I have had enough of those Mother's day messages until I visited facebook the next day. While I was scrolling on my updates a picture with a short note caught my attention. This time it came from my nephew Abe with a simple note for his mom. Perhaps it was the message or of my sister's face through the years that created a lump in my throat and an ache in my heart, creating sound like hiccups as tears uncontrollably fell down on my cheeks.

My sister and her son Abe (Baham) through the years 

It has been almost a decade that I have not seen my one and only sister. My eldest daughter  had not even finished grade school when she left for NY together with her family. Seeing her picture made me miss not just the years spent without her but the sacrifices every mother will make for the sake of her family including moving on with their lives spent away from love ones yet still get to smile even for a short while hiding all the need and the pain inside. I know Mother's day will be over once she read my message but it does not really matter. I told her to continue believing that all her sacrifices will pay off very soon and that includes seeing her home with my mom and the rest of our family.

I may have spent Mother's Day at work or have not gone to pamper myself, eat out, watch a movie and spend it with my whole family nevertheless I am thankful for the many greetings, messages and reflections I have learned not only on that day. They maybe simple or profound, at any rate I will never get tired of receiving, hearing or reading every one of them. Motherhood may have not been an easy choice nor a painless journey but in this world it is the ONE thing that I am most proud of. The respect, admiration and appreciation I had earned simply because I chose to be a mom will stay with me forever, a feeling I will never get enough of not just on Mother's Day but on each and every day that I am called a MOM.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life Is The Best Teacher

Whenever people learn that I am a mom to seven kids , three having special needs I usually get different reactions. Through the years I have grown accustomed and learned to accept the fact that my kids and I will become popular without trying too hard. But no matter how big my family was, one thing that I did not compromise was giving them the right to education. Thus my decision to send them all to public schools which was the best that I could afford.

It was not easy.

We applied for scholarships but with not much luck. So we were left to rely on my income and sidelines as their dad's pay was sporadic for working freelance. Though one daughter lived with my mom in the province it was still hard when two kids were in college. There were days that my college daughters borrowed money from their classmates only to pay them back on my payday. They have witnessed how I worked extra hours even during the holidays so  bills can be paid, groceries can be bought and money can be sent to my mom. They had seen how I computed every expense knowing immediately when something was wrong and questioning them if some change had not been returned yet. We all struggled, to the point of walking our way home including my two college girls all the way from Manila to Pasay just to take their exams

With all these challenges arguments cannot be avoided. Though every kid has the right to education still I believe that life is the best teacher and I encouraged them to learn beyond their classrooms. When the going gets tough I always make them remember how lucky they are. Though my parenting approach was far from perfect I made them understand that the reasons why I am passionate with what I do was simply because of them. Nothing more, nothing less.

This April my eldest daughter finally graduates from college. Though sacrifices will still be made it will not be that hard anymore. We have learned our lessons well and I know that one day I will look back at this life with my head up high knowing what I did was best .

(This entry was written for the writing contest  Moms Know Best sponsored by  Wilkins Distilled Water . You can view the winning entries here)