Thursday, March 31, 2016


Planning on spending quality time with your family this weekend?

Then I have a great suggestion where you can get some ideas on how your kids get to spend the summer learning and developing their talents at the same time. 

Visit EXPO KID 2016, a Summer Activity Fair where you and your kids get to check the newest summer programs in the Metro.

Presented by Mommy Mundo, sponsored by Caltrate Plus, Belo Baby and with venue partner, Bonifacio Global City, EXPO KID will be an exciting two-day event as kids get a sneak peek of how interesting their summer can be. Expo Kid exhibitors like Bert Lozada Swim School, Brainfit, BrainRX Learning Plus, Inc., CMA Mental Arithmetic, Enderun, Kidzania Manila, Kindermusik, Learning Litz, Inc., Make My Day, Mind Museum, Smudges, The Learning Library, School of Rock will be providing interactive activities for added fun.

                              Expo Kid activity providers


Moms may also shop at the Mommy Mundo Market for some cool summer finds from DMC, Discovery Depot, Celestina & Co., Fatty Brain, Lily and Tucker, Loveyoumom/Lunchbreak Trading, Little Luna, Toydev, Inc., Strider, Starkids, Vpharma, Bio-Oil, Sandpuff, and Tiger.

As an added treat, the first 100 Moms who will come to the event will receive a giveaway from Mommy Mundo (50  per day) so you may just want to come in early.

So if you want to spend that quality time this weekend, head on to Bonifacio Global City. Bring your family with you and spend  the day at MOMMY MUNDO's EXPO KID 2016.

For updates, like Mommy Mundo's facebook page  or visit their website @

Monday, March 28, 2016


What does it take for you to dress like a Viking - with head dress, helmets, capes, shields and all its accessories?

Before you think that we are planning to play a prank on you for a video shoot that might go viral on social media, then you are totally wrong.

We just want to know if you are interested to dress like a Viking and get a 50% off on April 9 for your Saturday lunch.

Catchy, right?

And what if we tell you that it will be available on all Vikings Luxury Buffet Branches.

Wanna know more ?

I bet you do .

Well it just happens that Vikings will be turning 5 this April 9 and they want you to join the celebration.

But before you schedule and plan your upcoming treat with your family and friends, there are some guidelines that you need to know.

1) The promotion will be available on April 9, 2016 Saturday Lunch.

2) 50% Discount will be given to all guests who will dine wearing their Vikings Costume on the 9th of April 2016 at lunch time only.

3) Costume may include; Head Dress, Helmet, Capes, Shields and Swords, or any Vikings Related accessories and garments.

4) Both Full Paying kids and Adults can avail the promotion.

5) This promo is available to all Vikings Luxury Buffet Branches.

6) Special Gift Certificates cannot be used in conjunction with this promotion.

7) This promo cannot be used in conjunction with any other in-house promos and discounts.

Now you can mark your calendars and plan that buffet treat with your family and friends.

And by the way, do not ever forget to dress like a Viking !

For reservations and promo updates, you can drop by their facebook page or you can visit their website at

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Reminiscing That Day When My Daughter Sang At HARANA NG PUSO - DWBR FM

"You are different. Very different from your peers and I can see myself in you. " said the radio announcer from "Harana Ng Puso."

Four years ago, my daughter got invited to sing in a radio station which airs every Sunday at 9PM. Most of its listeners are old people. People who still appreciate Kundiman songs and everything associated with it.

My daughter is one old soul. She had known this at an early age and embraced everything that went with it. Old houses, old culture, old songs, old movies, old fashion. She enjoys talking with old people and people with old souls.

Well not just old people, but unconventional old people. People who continue to grow, who are not afraid or never cared what other people thought and what society dictated. I have to give it to her because I believe this world need a lot of those unconventional people in order to survive in this sometimes cruel world.

If you are like my daughter who loves everything old, who has an old soul and is not afraid to embrace your unconventional self, do take time to listen to the video. Below is the link to it. By the way, the young lady wearing the red blouse is my daughter, Samantha when she was 19 years old. She is now 23, still an old soul.

"Harana ng Puso" guesting @ DWBR FM (104.3 MHz)

The song was originally sung by Ms Celeste Legaspi, composed by Philip Monserrat and lyrics written  by Levi Celerio.

 Goodness, I never thought that one day, my daughter would sing a song whose lyrics were  written by a National Artist.

( Photo and Video Credits to Pauline Gail Librojo Mendoza )

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Aster Clinic Pioneers Paperless System Via EMR Technology

Just months after it officially launched its Philippine operations, the Aster Medical and Diagnostics Clinic, owned by Aster DM Healthcare, is revolutionizing how medical services is being offered in the country through the introduction of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) as part of the value-add to its services. All transactions are paperless, from the moment patients sign in at the reception up to their consultations with the doctor or different doctors at the clinic.

The goal of EMR is to provide a centralized database that will allow Aster DM Healthcare’s network a seamless delivery of care to its patients. Through the EMR technology, patients are unburdened of the inconvenience of repeating the basic information and details of their concerns over and over again. Their records are entered in the clinic’s records and will be updated every time they visit or consultations are made, which the doctors in our network can easily refer for background information.

Joyce Alumno, President & Country Manager of Aster DM Healthcare Philippines stressed that this technology lessens the room for error. With everything documented in one system, patients no longer need to recall past tests or results giving our doctors more accurate background information about their patients. This also eliminates the unnecessary stress of waiting for feedback or doctors' orders for the reference of the billing section.

“This technology streamlines the flow of information across our network. Check-ups are already stressful and in Aster, we are committed in delivering our promise of treating patients well. From the moment they are welcomed in our reception area and all throughout the process, we want to make it as convenient and stress-free as we possibly can,” Alumno said.

The EMR technology is one of the standard services in Aster’s network and is proud to bring this technology to the Philippines, which is their first operation in the whole Southeast Asian region.

“We are proud to pioneer this technology in the Philippines. One at a time, we are bringing in systems and technologies that help transform how we do our medical services today,” she highlighted.

“What started as a way of giving back to the Filipino community paved the way for an opportunity to see what is missing and where we can provide help in an organized manner. Setting up clinics and hospitals is something that we have been doing in the past 28 years across the GCC region, Middle East, and India, and we are hoping to do the same in the Philippines,” Alumno said.

Aster DM Healthcare is one of the largest health conglomerates in the Gulf Region, Middle East and India. Founded by Dr. Azad Moopen, the Dubai based healthcare conglomerate is committed in delivering quality and affordable healthcare in the countries where it is present. It first made its presence in the Philippines through its non-profit arm, Dr. Moopen's (DM) Foundation,when it launched its "Save the Little Hearts" program that granted surgeries to children with congenital heart defects.
Aster DM Healthcare, the Dubai headquartered healthcare conglomerate,now operates a network of more than 290 establishments,covering an array of healthcare verticals - from hospitals,medical centers,pharmacies,diagnostics and specialty centers as well as healthcare consultancy services,academics & research facilities to medical colleges, institutions for an advanced medical city.

For more information about Aster DM Healthcare and DM Foundation, visit and, respectively, or call 53ASTER (27837).

Monday, March 14, 2016


I have been a mom for 24 years. Many people would think that with my experience I already have learned a lot from the twists  & turns of parenthood, that I have mastered the art of rearing kids who are now mostly adults and teens.

Nothing can be further from the truth. 

As kids grow older, their needs and issues get complicated and more demanding as well especially when it comes to schooling. And though two of my kids are already degree holders, I still have two more who are still in college. Some may say I know how to budget my money but sadly I do not until know. I take advantage of company loans and borrow money during emergencies from colleagues and family relatives, making sure to keep my promise to pay it in full, at times in installment basis. I do not have any insurance, savings or investments. Heck, I do not even have a emergency fund. These words are very alien to me. Though I am not an impulsive buyer, into food trips, buffet or traveling, I feel that it is about time to learn the discipline of handling my finances  and investing in the  future before it is too late. Good thing I have stumbled upon Mommy Mundo's upcoming event named MomSchool 3.0 FAMILY GAME TIME  this coming Saturday, March 19,2016, from 9AM to 12NN at F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City. 

MomSchool Poster

Co Presented by Sun Life, Moms and Dads together with their kids aged 8 years and above are in for a three hour treat as they go through simulations of life situations with the help of the Praxis Board Game. This exciting and interactive board game was designed for hands on learning about spending, saving and investing money. Praxis will have the Moms and the Dads as well go through life events such as  landing a job,getting a promotion and getting retrenched. They also will learn when is the best time to invest and where to put their money, tighten ones' belts and increase their credit rating so that they are in a position to borrow money when investment opportunities arise.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed and intimidated when it comes to handling ones finances. Personally, the mere thought of budgeting stresses me especially when money is tight. It is a trait that I want to improve on especially that I am not getting any younger anymore. And since it takes a lot of practice, discipline and consistency to form a habit, I firmly believe that one day I will finally learn the skill of handling my finances until I become financially secure.

So if  I you and your family want to learn how and where to start your financial journey, come join Mommy Mundo's MomSchool 3.0 Family Game time this Saturday. It is a free event so invite your friends, relatives and colleagues. Since slots are limited, pre registration is required so simply register here or text 0908-8657245.

For more updates, visit and like Mommy Mundo's facebook page. You can also visit their website at

Monday, March 7, 2016

My Daughter is One of the K-POP Singing Contestants at HALLYUNIVERSE III

I never thought that day will come when I would write anything about Korean Pop Culture. Honestly I have nothing against it. I enjoy watching their Korean novellas because of their stories  be it drama, comedy and even epic. I never get bored watching them compared to most of our local novellas which are in dire need of better scripts due to their predictive plots, rehashed twists that even my daughter who has learning disabilities know what is going to happen on the next episodes.

Pathetic it may seem but sadly it is true. We need better  stories or else our way of thinking when it comes to real entertainment will go down the drain.

As for my preference for Korean Music, I am still a die hard OPM fanatic and though a lot of our local music is also slowly dying, I am still not going to give up that one day, quality OPM songs and music will again be heard and sang by our youth.

Now what if you have kids who are die hard K-POP fans that at times you start to question why most of their posts on their facebook wall are in Korean characters to the point of hearing them sing K-POP songs (with feelings)almost everyday without even understanding a single word that they are  saying?


Just plain weird and awkward.

Especially if one day, you saw them dressed up like their K-POP idols or worst, had their hair dyed in yellow or pink. You try your best to understand them and not to question if a total stranger had mistaken you as her mother. You avoid asking them if they have a problem or what causes are they fighting for.

Ugh. Parenthood. 

I could appreciate music but when you have a daughter who sings Korean songs where you do not understand a word almost everyday whether inside the bathroom or before midnight, then can you blame me not to get fed up at times especially when some of your neighbors are already in dreamland?

I  am  not insensitive and I know that my daughters' feelings get hurt when they feel that it seems their Dad and I do not support their interests. Since the last thing I want is to create a gap just because of K-POP and everything that goes with it, I decided the next best thing to do. Instead of building walls, I chose to create bridges and learn a little bit of their world.

Through stories shared before bedtime, my daughters would talk about Koren movies language, history, geography and culture. I learned that two of them had learned to write and speak the language with no difficulty where as one spends her Sunday afternon learning it for free from Korean missionaries. I am quite amazed and proud at the same time because I have learned that their interests in the culture went way beyond dressing up or dying their hair.

I was even surprised when my daughter, Sarah Skyler will compete this Saturday at the yearly HALLYUNIVERSE in UP Diliman.


Hallyuniverse III: 삼mer (summer) is the flagship event of HallyUP this 2016. A continuation of the previous Hallyuniverse events, 'Hallyuniverse: The K-Pop Takeover' and 'Hallyuniverse 2: Hallyuniversity' which was deemed the largest and most prestigious event of the sole student organization in the university catering to the appreciation and promotion of Korean popular culture or K-Pop, 'Hallyuniverse III: 삼mer' aims to bring the K-Pop community together in an afternoon of music, dance, games, and all-around enjoyment celebrating the richness and vibrancy of K-Pop.

The event  will be this SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 2016 at GT Toyota Asian Center, UP Diliman.
You may start reserving your tickets at Ticket prices are at Php120 for PRE-SELLING, and P150 for DOOR PRICE.
I asked my daughter if she can give us free tickets for the event. I was not surprised when she told us that she will think it over. At any rate I would love to watch her perform and sing with feelings even if I still could not understand a single word that she will sing.

Honestly it does not matter.

For now.

For those of you who love K-POP and every little thing about it, please visit HallyUP at   You could also follow them on twitter at  and on Instagram  @

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Inspiring Others, Changing Lives at iVolunteer Philippines

Way back when I was in college, I had joined a school organization called MITSCA. I was a bit of a loner even then. The girl who prefered to sit alone in class, in the library and even during break time. I did find some acquaintances who also happened to be loners but since social media was unheard of them, we only got together during classes.

When I have joined MITSCA or Mapua Institute of Technology Student Catholic Action I began to meet other people and learned from their colorful stories. However the organization was not just a simple hang out where you get to share stories and tips how to survive in the institute. It was a place where your skills were harnessed such as your organization and leadership skills including how you balance your responsibilities as a MITSCAN and as a Mapuan at the same time.

From handling  weekly activities such as scheduling Masses, looking for priests who will celebrate it for free, organizing a choir and practicing songs that are easy to follow to organizing meetings for the monthly activities and choosing the best people to lead them including inviting applicants to join our community were tasks better said than done. It was a time where I found a safe place in the institute, where I shared my time and talents and where I experienced the spirit of camaraderie and volunteerism. At that time, I still did not understood the meaning behind the need to volunteer because I was more worried on the money that I need to spend by joining and since money had been scarce then, I only joined a couple of volunteer activities. One was in Manila City Jail for Juvenile and Street Children and the other one in Sapang Palay where we shared our day with the kids, joining them in their lunch, parlor games and ending our day with gift giving.

Nowadays, with the power of social media, I thought volunteerism was already dead. If it is still alive, the only ones who got involved with it were people who have a lot of time and money to share and sadly those who want to take advantage of a coming election.

I was wrong.

In fact, my eldest daughter Samantha, who has six siblings to lead, not to mention three have special needs, volunteered for a ten day Summer Camp in Isabela years ago, catering for abandoned and special children where Red was lucky enough to join due to the kindness of sponsors. At first I was hesitant especially when the meetings became demanding until I realized I was just like my daughter at one point in my life.

Volunteerism is still very much alive.

What more, there is now a venue where you can choose from different organizations depending on what causes you are most interested to join. In fact, it just had a two day expo called GO! VOLUNTEER at the Glorietta Activity Center where my kids and I happened to drop by.

While we were touring the expo, my kids and  I passed by the big Word Search and it both caught our fancy. My Education Major daughter Selena was able to find the remaining 9 words on the Word Search in no time. It was only then that I have learned that she made her own Word Search in three hours when she was required to handle public school children in one of her subjects. She even pointed out the hidden words which were not really hidden if you're a Word Search addict like me and my kids.

Word Search Wizard from Hogwarts

Even if we did  not stay long at the expo, we had a great time. In fact, I have a strong feeling that another daughter might volunteer again by sharing her gift for story telling?

She was able to find the hidden words as well

For those who always had the heart for sharing their time and their talents especially to our less fortunate brothers, you can visit iVolunteer Philippines facebook page or you can drop by online at their website at for updates as well as the different opportunities where you can volunteer.

Feeding, Brain Booster and Wound Care at Helping Land Tondo Manila on September 6, 2014 by Project Pearls


Feeding, Brain Booster and Wound Care at Helping Land Tondo Manila on September 6, 2014 by Project Pearls

You may never know that one random act of kindness may inspire others and ultimately change lives, one day at a time.