Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Surprise Cake At 45

How often do you celebrate your birthday? Do you plan on it every year, allotting money consciously so you can treat your family and friends perhaps or do you just simply celebrate it in your own home? Was there ever a time that your special day seemed just like any ordinary one, with nothing special in mind and doing just the same routine and chores ? Was there even a time that you dreaded your birthday because that would mean you have aged another year, that life's clock is ticking non stop and you have no control over it ? Do you even look forward in celebrating your birthday?

I just had my birthday more than a  week ago. Personally I prefer to celebrate birthdays the simple and subtle way. Simple because I grew up in a family where going to church and kissing the hands of my parents and relatives after hearing mass was the best way to start my special day and though that tradition had become seldom thru the years due to the nature of my work and lack of sleep, I decided that it would be best to be grateful each day that comes instead of pretending to hear Mass while my mind wanders lazily until I end up sleeping and sad to say, "snoring,"during homily especially on my birthday. Subtle because I chose to celebrate it at home with my family, having "pancit" for lunch. No drinks, ice cream, not even a cake. As simple as that which was just fine.

A day after my birthday I was scheduled for training for two days. When I arrived at work, one of my colleagues said that there was something for me and when I asked about it, they handed me a red box whose package was easily recognizable because of its brand. That's when my puzzled face turned into a big smile. I have to admit I was surprised and all I could say was "Thank you. My kids will love this." I immediately kept the cake in my locker, which gratefully had fit in and went to the training room to start my day.

This was how my Red Ribbon cake  looked like,with my name on it making it personalized. I never got the chance to take a picture of it because my youngest son, Red devoured his slice the minute he saw it. I should have known that my birthday cake will not be kept hidden for long inside the fridge because of my hyperactive, semi sweet and sugar deprived kids but I also made sure I got to taste it as well. And I have to admit it tasted "yummy and delicious," just enough for my semi sweet, deprived taste buds. So I decided to research further by visiting their website where you can check their different products, promos and store locations. What more you can order online and take advantage of their birthday package promo if you are planning to have a birthday on a budget. Once you register, you get your next orders easier and faster.

When I asked my colleagues if they had ordered my cake online, they gave me a different story.They told me that after shelving their contributions including that of my Unit Manager, one co worker went to the nearest store to order and what's great about it was the fact that she was able to get the cake on the same day. Fast and easy in a jiffy enough to surprise any birthday celebrant. And though it has been more than a week since my birthday, I could not help but recall how I planned and spear headed a surprise gift for our fourth grade teacher who happened to be my Mom many years ago. I had told my classmates then about "our teacher's" upcoming birthday and had asked for voluntary contributions so that we could buy a card and a simple gift. I had almost forgotten about that incident but writing this post somehow triggered that memory of gift giving which has now become full circle. Life indeed has a strange way of rounding things.

Simple and subtle, that was how I  always celebrated my birthdays. A lot of things may have come and gone but not the simple act of giving and making your special day worth remembering. A family's shared meal, cooked by a daughter who decided to stay home in exchange for her thesis' initial defense, a hug from a Mom who you seldom see and had stopped counting on the many missed birthdays celebrated, messages and greetings from people, especially those whom you have not met yet and had not seen for a long time both here and abroad, and a spontaneous thought of generosity from colleagues whose respect and affection can be felt even from a simple cake. At this age I realized I am such a lucky and blessed person for being remembered on my special day and because of that I promised myself to celebrate each coming year with profound simplicity and subtlety, making each one more memorable than the last.

If you are planning to celebrate your birthday or even your love ones birthday, take time to check out  Red Ribbon's website . You could also visit their facebook page for updates.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Solutions For Common Eye Problems

Being that people constantly use their eyes, except during sleep, it is only right to want them to work well and feel great. Unfortunately, every part of the human body comes with several potential problems and whether you have dry eyes, red or puffy eyes or sleep-related eye issues, there are many possible solutions  for you.

Dry Eyes and Allergies

With seasons changing every couple of months, many people feel the effects. If your eyes are dry and itchy, if you use eye drops or if your eyes are red from all of the rubbing that you're doing, you probably need some kind of allergy treatment. One way to help you with this as you sleep is to use goggles with temperature - related treatment. Reusable gel packs are used to create heat and moisture for your eyes. This can protect them against drafts from the air conditioner. Basically, oils are released from your glands and the goggles help to slow evaporation of your natural tears, keeping your eyes moist. Talk to your doctor for other solutions for dry eyes.

Red or Puffy Eyes

Just like with your muscles, you need cold temperatures to reduce inflammation. If your eyes are puffy, the same solution applies.The same goggles mentioned above also include cold therapy solutions, which can reduce sinus pressure and lid puffiness. Other external products can be used to moisturize and rapidly regenerate cells to create a younger look to your eyes. Redness in your eyes is actually a symptom of dryness so using the hot and cold treatments should reduce redness and retain the whites of your eyes.


Sleepy Eyes

Sadly many people have sleep disorders or don't get much sleep due to frequent traveling for work. Being on  a plane can make your eyes dry, resulting in symptoms mentioned above. Other people deal with sleep apnea and use C-PAP which is a breathing machine to make it  through the night which can result in dry eyes. You maybe one of many people whose eyelids do not close all the way during sleep. Silicone shields or temperature-regulated goggles can help with all these problems and those mentioned before. Visit and ask your doctor if this could be a solution for you.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Can Dance, I Can Serve

We all know that October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness. Seminars, Fun Runs, breast cancer screening,mammography tests at a discounted rate, even for free can be read, heard and seen whether in social media or in print for the whole month.What more communities and other organizations gather together for different causes and events to create awareness to those who are still in the dark regarding the dreaded disease and to empower  both breast cancer patients and survivors.

It so happened that October is also my birth month and my dad's death anniversary who died because of lung cancer. It was also his sister's anniversary as well when she succumbed to colon cancer. Every first week of October becomes a memorable date since my dad passed away and since I just turned 45 years old, I vowed to celebrate this first week into something cause worthy that will hopefully become a yearly event for the rest of my life. That is why a week before my birthdate I had searched online for events like fun runs, seminars and communities who proactively spreads breast cancer awareness in any way they can. It was then that I have discovered I CAN SERVE FOUNDATION.

History And Mission 

Formerly known as Information on Breast Cancer and Other Services, I Can Serve Foundation, Inc. was founded on 1999 by four breast cancer survivors headed by journalist Kara Magsanok-Alikpala and co founded by Crisann Celdran, Becky Fuentes and Bet Lazatin. These four friends saw the need to provide a circle of support and information for women who were early diagnosed, those who were in cancer treatments and breast cancer survivors who were in remission navigation through their "new normal" life.

A non-stock, non profit foundation based in Manila Philippines, it advocates early breast cancer detection through high impact information campaigns and community based screening programs.It empowers women with breast cancer and provides cancer related information so they can have a voice in their own health care, offering hope that they are not alone in their journey.These cancer survivors become volunteers, willing to share their stories, enlightening other patients so that their path is better lit and their journey a bit lighter.

The Event

I have long wanted to celebrate my birth date in a different and memorable way. I am not that much of a cook and a bit anti social so throwing up a party will not do me much good. I would love to go visit an orphanage, donate some clothes or books but I realized my kids and I also do that during the holidays. When I read about the two hour Zumba Party for the benefit of ICanServe-Foundation-Inc in celebration of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month I knew that my wish had been granted.

So for those of you who want to help raise funds for the benefit of breast cancer patients and survivors this second Saturday of October come and spend your afternoon in a Dance Fitness Party for a cause.


For more information, please visit