Friday, March 23, 2012

Nice To Know You Wednesday #14

Here is my shared post for momwrites invitational Nice To Know You Wednesday Meme.

Here are the 5 questions of the week:

  1. What was the title of the last book you read?
  2. How do rainy days make you feel?
  3. What effect does music have on you?
  4. What were your best and worst subjects in school or college?
  5. If you were a star of a reality show, what would its title be: My Turn, My Time or Queen For The Day?

1. Sadly, I never got the chance to read since I started working. The last book that I read was " Mothers of Influence . " It was a mother's day gift for my mom and it was simply written. What more, it included the stories of some influential personalities' mothers like John and Robert Kennedy, Denzel Washington, Steven Spielberg , C. S. lewis, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln.

2. Rainy days make me feel lazy , that feeling that you just want to stay home, curled up in bed and just stay there. I love the rainy days if it is not associated with a typhoon. I love the freshness and the cold feeling that I long for once in a while, especially on a hot summer .

3. I grew up with music as I come from a family of gifted musicians, where my dad and uncles learned to play three or four musical instruments on their own. So it is my language. It makes happy, sad, inspired and a way to bond with my family and relatives. I even sing during traffic, while taking a bath, on my way to work and while during the laundry and that runs in the family.

4. English and History were my best subjects, and Math. I may not be that excellent in Mathematics but there was a time that I was just like playing with equations and problems solving , and can still derive some basic formulas until now.

5. Hmm. Such cheesy titles. All of them are a given. Perhaps I will choose "My Time, " I may not be a fan of reality shows but I can use that as a sign post on my door when I do not want to be disturb when I am writing a post or just want to be by myself during rest days.

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  1. wow, that sounds like a great book to read, i hope you share some of the contents here on your blog, soon! :)

    thanks for joining my meme! It is nice to know you + it is a pleasure to discover your blog ^_^

    ~ mumwrites