Friday, April 20, 2012

The Secret Of BC Bloggers

Some secrets should be kept while others are better told. Some are  even better shared. These I have learned the hard way in the world of blogging. I maybe a new blogger, but sometimes I am amazed on how  much I have learned  these past five months. Sometimes I  have felt alone, lost even. Good thing there were still people who always have the inclination to help others, because they know how it felt when they were on that same place before.

I got the chance to blog hop on Mommy Diary's website  owned by Paula  Briones and read how she came out with the idea of how to exchange links easily with other bloggers. I admit I did not understand that at first. Being new, a lot of terms  were still alien to me. Terms like widgets, badge, linky parties and  htmls were words that I  only now had learned because of blogging. And link exchanges can also be added to them .

But beyond the terms and the technicalities, one thing I came to understand. Exchanging links may widen your network, increase your traffic and page views but at the end of the day, the story written  in every post, the person behind  every blog that you read, followed, eventually becomes a colleague ,  and a friend, irrespective of gender, culture and even timezones.

Below are some simple steps if you want to know the Secret of BC Bloggers .

1. Blog about BC Bloggers to encourage others to sign up and link to The more people joining the more links you'll have. Don't forget to share your post at Facebook and twitter! When you share you have to tag BC Bloggers - our facebook and twitter page is on the right side.

2. Add the BC Bloggers badge in your sidebar. If your blog already has the old one you can update it with the new one or leave it as it is.


3. Add a page in your blog to show where you'll add the BC Bloggers links. You can add it to your blog roll or existing BC Bloggers links. One requirement is  to make sure  this is linked to your homepage. Once you're done submit your details here:

I will be looking forward to see you there !


  1. Thank you for the tips! Will check this out too :) Your blog looks so busy that its hard to believe youre a new blogger :)

  2. Thank you Ling . All of my kids are techie, except for the youngest . Kids now are fast learners and self trained just by staying an hour at the internet cafe . My eldest who is twenty years old had a blog even during way back friendster years and she helped me how to design this blog. In turn I learned , the hard way because she happens to have short patience with slow learners.