Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Proudly Versatile

A few weeks ago I was visiting a blogger friend's site to get updated on her current posts. Since I started blogging I had made some friends who I planned to meet in the future and one way to get to know them better was  by reading their stories and articles. But when I blog hopped at Lousie 's blog, author of Mommy Practicality, I found out that she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. And
I had never been happier.

So to accept this award I need to abide with some simple rules :
1. Acknowledge who nominated me for a link back.
2. Write 7 random things about myself.
3. Pass the award to 15 newly discovered blogs and tell them about it.

Here are the seven random things about myself.

1. I was a speech delayed kid. My mom told me that I uttered my first word by the age of two. Though that first word came out clear, she was not a bit worried that I will have difficulty in school.

2. I am a Denzel Washington fan. Though it was my only sister who introduced me to his movies while we were watching "Crimson Tide" on video, it was when I read a Time magazine article and found out that his face was considered to be a perfect symmetry that my admiration was triggered. Though he is uniquely good looking, the movies and characters he had portrayed and performed impeccably were the reasons that had made me an avid fan.

3. My mom became my fourth grade teacher and I even thought that I would fail in her class. She was a tedious teacher who expected her students to take their studies seriously and always did the extra mile in making learning enjoyable. She was very dedicated to her craft that when she retired on her 65th birthday, she chose to render the remaining months left in that school year without pay, worried that her fast learner students will adjust and suffer with the transition.

4. It was my dad who became my teacher in Music and the Arts. Most songs, musicians, movies and artists were introduced by my dad through his stories and songs. The knowledge he shared during my childhood years had widened my world even if it was not gained inside the classroom or from reading.

5. I had a kind hearted aunt who was a real life fairy godmother. The first and last time we were together was during my christening as she had lived in CA together with my uncle for the rest of her life. She had never forgotten to send me gifts until her last days. She succumbed to liver cancer and had crossed over August of this year.

6. Some of my customers over the phone had noticed and commented that I am far from being a Filipina. They usually tell me that I am Dutch, Irish or British. An old woman from CA with a European last name even pointed out that she had lots of Filipino friends and that my accent was definitely not from the Philippines but from Eastern Europe. Another male customer even asked me a question before I let him go over the phone if I had lived in Holland as he grew up there. Quite flattering considering I had never been to any other country other than my own.

7. I was featured on the latest  Linked which is the official Convergys Magazine.The photo was taken and picked by a member of the foreign press last May at a Fun Run  spearheaded by the European Community. My colleagues' group photo was chosen and it landed on the cover. I happened to be at the center and that issue was distributed on all sites including those in other parts of the world.

And here are my chosen Versatile Bloggers .

1. Jennifer of Mamarific.com
2. Ron of RonSilvoza.com
3. Grace of Chronicles of A Domestic Diva
4. Ria of Home Is Where The Heart Is
5. Khaye of Legally Mama
6. Michi of Michi Photostory
7. Crickette of The Drama Queen Can Tell Stories
8. Rossel of Mom's Ups & Downs
9. Janice of Roller Coaster Ride
10. Michelle of Stage Mom's Imaginings
11. Cheryl Ann of Riding the Breeze
12. Faye of Adventures of A Dilettante Mom
13. Yami of  Mom Writes For a Cause
14. Heather of Living On The Perimeter
15. Verabear of In Between The Covers

A versatile is someone who is capable of doing many things competently and  can also describe a person who is inconstant or changeable. In Biology it is the capability of moving freely in all directions, as the toe of an owl, antenna of an insect or the loosely attached anther of a flower. Funny but I feel I can relate more on that Biological term as I personally believe that to live one's life fully, a person should learn to reinvent himself and not just be content with a life that is monotonous and sedentary. One's horizon should not be limited with the workplace, home, family and friends. Learning and dreaming should not stop once we have kids, had sent them to school and built our dream house. The world is such a vast place for opportunities and there is really no harm in having a door opened for one more.

So to the 15 bloggers that I have chosen. kudos to all of you!


  1. thank you for the nomination!

  2. You are welcome Michi and thanks for dropping by!

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination. It means a lot to me :)

  4. Thanks for this Sarah! I really am thrilled and honored. :)

  5. hi, sarah. wonder where my comment went.

    wow. you truly is versatile, and that voice of yours must be versatile, too! :D

    btw, i tagged you in a meme. hope to see how it goes for you. :)

  6. Hi Sarah!

    Thank you very much for this award and sharing more information about yourself. It's quite nice to know more bloggers out there and it's been a while since I got awarded.

    Thanks a lot and hope to see more of you in my other blogs too. I shall return the kind gesture :)

    Ria C