Friday, April 12, 2013

My Inspirations To Blog

I have been looking forward for April to come . I have waited long for this month because first, my eldest daughter Sam finally graduates with a degree in BS Mathematics from Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Maynila (PLM). Second I got to join the Good Housekeeping Fun Run and ran my first 5k with a record of  40 minutes and 46 seconds. Not bad from somebody who just came from work, had no sleep and whose preparation was just brisk walking and joining the aerobics at the park before the fun run. And finally I will get to attend two writing workshops for the first time in my life - The WAHM  workshop by Manila Workshops and the Blog Inspired one by Dainty Mom. I was so exited and plan on writing all said events sadly the Heavens have other plans for me.

A week before the school year ended, my son was infected with chicken pox from his classmate. Though  he easily recovered in less than two weeks the place where we stay was not really that big to prevent the virus from spreading. All kids were okay when they went to Pampanga to spend Holy Week with my mom thing was come Easter Sunday my mom told me they all need to go back because it seemed the symptoms of the virus started showing. Since I have all their HMO cards with me, I did not have much choice. Other than that my brother's kids were also spending their vacation and had not have chicken pox yet. So the money that was supposed to be used for the WAHM's registration went to the kids medication instead and it almost made me broke. But then money can be earned so I just look forward on the coming payday and the commissions I will get from direct selling.

A few days ago, my daughter who grew up with my mom sent me a message that her grandmother will be confine in the hospital. She added it was so hot in our place that my mom started to loose appetite. My mom is diabetic and appetite loss was not a good sign. It may cause her blood sugar to shoot up, making her blood pressure fluctuate which might lead to a stroke. She was able to survive multiple strokes before even when my brother was still alive. That happened a few years ago and what made this one more crucial and a bit frightening. It was also one of the things that made me loose sleep affecting my focus at work and sadly even my blogging activities.

There was one quotation that I have posted twice on my facebook wall and will now post a third time. Reading it often and saying it out loud has helped me to hold on. It also inspired me to write and share about it hoping that anybody who reads may get even a little bit of strength and wisdom from it all .

There had been days that I felt I have nothing good to write, to blog about. As much as possible when I write or read my post, I would like  to see myself smiling at the end. There are some posts that get even better every time I read them and it would be great if a lot of readers get to feel that, including mine. Thus it takes a lot of effort, a lot of reading, planning and thinking on what to write about next. Personally it takes a lot of discipline especially I also work during evenings and have to maintain a scorecard in order to preform. Thus when sickness and heath issues trigger my life I sometimes veer from my center, loose focus to the point of being emotional and helpless. And I don't like that. With less than two years of blogging I have discovered a piece of sky that I thought I never had. It took me to places where I met creative people and who continuously inspire me everyday. They may not leave comments on my posts but once they do that heady feeling stays with me not just the whole day that I cannot help  but return the favor by visiting their blogs or by making an effort to write better posts each time. And the cycle goes on and on.

A friend once told me that one will never find what he is looking for until he search for it whether it be happiness, acceptance, peace, inspiration. One of my living principles is to find inspiration in everything that I do. There may be trying days but there are also instances when inspiration just overflow even from the mundane things. Be it parenting, friendships, kid stuff, autism , health issues or a favorite sport, I learned the hard way that there will always be an inspiration to blog about. I just need to continually search for it in everything that I do, everyday.

Priceless moments with my Mom and kids last Mother's Day 2012

The Graduate
My three kids with  special needs - Kookie, Sidney and Red

Mommy Moments with Red 

My First Fun Run

My PBA nephew Alex with San Miguel Coffee Mixers coach Tim Cone


( PBA facebook image credits to Paul Ryan Tan )


  1. Congratulations to Sam and to you also! Wow, BS Math...a lot of people shy away from that subject including me. That's why it was so crazy, taking engineering lol! I don't know if I'm a masochist or plain crazy. I guess it was the challenge that I love, not the subject itself.

    Hope you're kids and mom are doing fine now. So many things happening too often, it really gets on your nerves na. But I sense a strong woman in you and I know you can battle anything. :-) Congrats on your achievements and future endeavors. On a side note, I'll see about your Q in my FB inbox. I don't open my FB that often because it's a blocked site in our server. You can get in touch with me better thru my email.

  2. Thanks A for taking time to drop by always ! It is always a pleasure when a fellow blogger visits my site and take time to comment.

  3. First, Happy GRADUATION to your daughter! Second, THANK YOU for visiting and commenting in my blog. Third, It's nice to read your posts, may puso, may damdamin. I can relate to your post on cancer. I've many relatives who passed away because of cancer. I have a friend who's bed ridden for years now due to brain cancer. My mom passed away at age 43 in 1993. Fourth, I am hoping to see you in person soon, sana soonest. Maybe we can meet in Mega or Shang? My treat...

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you too Joy !