Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Benefit of (Not) Wearing High Heels

I am one person who do not look good in high heels especially the stiletto ones. I also do not approve of women wearing very high heels. Though a lot may agree that heels can add allure, confidence and sexiness to anyone who wear them (properly) especially during parties, formal events and beauty contests I still believe that one can be sexy, confident and alluring by accepting one's uniqueness and simplicity. Perhaps I feel I am not myself when I wear heels because I feel uncomfortable wearing them, besides the saying" no pain, no gain" does not ring a bell to me when it comes to wearing heels. I do not like the pain when I wear them plus I do not have to gain appreciation nor acceptance when I have them on. 

The fact that I cannot walk FAST while wearing them even add to those red lights previously mentioned. I love to walk, brisk walk especially when that is my only constant exercise to my already sedentary life. I also love to jog and run. Since the idea that I may mistakenly slip or trip over because I am wearing heels that would result to an injury is something that I would rather not have nor want to entertain on my mind.

Recently I have stumbled a post at Project Eve, a global community of women helping women which I am a member. The article was originally written by Todd Lindeman and Brenna Maloney for Washington Post published on June 17, 2013. In it is a very detailed infographic on the-true-effect-of-high-heels. It shows the devastating effect of women's high heel shoes on the overall health to those who wear them. 

The True Effect of High Heels

                                            The True Effect of High Heels infographic

Perhaps that answers why I am not into wearing heels and would rather be on flats. So for those who believe that there ain't no gain without pain, try giving it some thought. And by the way you may want to keep some flats available, just in case.


  1. I am also not comfortable with shoes that have heels more than 2 inches high. When I do wear high heeled shoes, I never go for stilettos, for stability reasons. I go for wedges. But my wedges have not gone out of the boxes for quite sometime now. I can't walk fast and have to be careful with each step, less I trip and sprain my ankle. High heeled shoes look sexy indeed, but only that hehehe. You'd rather just be sitting when you wear them, which defeats the purpose lol! I also have a problem with my left knee so yup, I love my rubber shoes, safety shoes, and flats more. :-)

  2. You have a good height A and I believe you do not need heels to look sexy. In fact the idea that a woman despite your health issues was able to finish a 10k run is more admirable and sexier. And I agree that I love my running and rubber shoes more.Cheers!

  3. I'm not into high heels but I have to wear from time to time when I host and attend event. I'm still looking forward in seeing you personally.