Saturday, February 15, 2014

It Is More Fun To Be Fit With Mom & Me

We all have  heard not just once that people who plan to start their way towards fitness put them on hold mostly because of lack of time. These people, especially Moms always point out the unending demands of parenthood that get in the way and how they barely have time for themselves at all. As a Mom of seven who are now mostly teens, I do understand where they are coming from. It is really very hard to squeeze time for oneself, even time for fitness especially if you have toddlers and have no hired help. You do your best to exercise at home and try as you must, such efforts fail due to irregularity in schedules, lack of focus and discipline as well. And when this happens, there is this longing wish that the kids will soon grow up, become independent and you will have more time not just for fitness but for yourself as well.

Nowadays it takes a lot of creativity to bond with ones' kids especially when it comes to fitness. The challenge to invite or encourage at times fail simply because children do not see such interests or focus on the parents themselves. Since kids look up to their parents as models and live what they see, it is but important that the interest to get fit and healthy should start from within, from us, parents. And once this is achieved, it will be a great way to bond and to in calculate  living healthy day to day.

In connection to this , MOM &ME , a community that fosters loving bond of fun active Moms with their little ones through activities that they can do together, has lined up a series of health and fitness activities for Moms and their kids on all four Saturdays of March. Activities such as Yoga, Aero- Mash up, swimming and a lot more would definitely help sweat out those unwanted pounds, de stress and create such positive energy for both Moms and kids alike. What more you can have Dads tag along   not just to take pictures but to join in the fun as well.

So as early as now you can already register at You could also follow them at or for updates.


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