Saturday, August 2, 2014

Win Php25,000 Worth of Appliances and more for Mom

When was the last time we have thanked our own mothers ? Do we do it often by simply saying the words or do we let our actions speak instead ? Do we buy her gifts, treat her out for dinner, for an out of town trip or just give her the money so she can decide on what to spend with it ?

When I was a kid, I was closer to my Dad than with my Mom perhaps because she easily gets irritated on small things especially when she was about to go to work. There were even years that a gap developed between the two of us and I would prefer not to be around her because it seemed nothing that I did was right. I started to build walls and this continued until I had kids and chose to stay at home to take care of them. Having relatives who were good in creating stories and fights among families including ours made me decide to leave my Mom and our home.The petty arguments and senseless fights became a cycle of pain that started to eat me and affect my kids so I decided to live with my in laws for the mean time. Besides, since my mother in law stayed at home and was not employed, I felt that she would understand me better because she knew what I was going thru.Other than that, she loved telling stories and laughed easily including the simplest things which helped lighten even the most boring days. 

It was when my mother in law started to open up  that we became close. Her honesty, humility and wisdom about her marriage and life made me admire her strength and helped me understand her more. Sadly, it was when I started to accept my mother in law that made me question my relationship with my own mother. Since I did not want to bring up my kids with a heavy heart and let them see that I could not even get along with their own grandmother, I decided to go back home. 

It took years for me to understand and accept my Mom for what she is. Coupled with prayers, the arguments and fights had lessened and in turned had been replaced by an open and warm mother and daughter relationship that became stronger through the years.

It had been months since I have been home and I miss my Mom terribly. Every week, we burn the lines each time we talk over the phone. We never run out of stories and both laugh in between even at the most mundane things. Sometimes I let my kids call her and update her about their studies. I often tell them that we are  blessed and lucky that we still have our Nanay in our lives. 

When I read Vince Golangco's post  at about a contest for Moms sponsored by, I did not think twice of writing about it so I can share it to others. Here are the mechanics :

*   All you have to do is  join here and refer two friends to this Moms Awesome Contest.

*  There will be 12 weekly Entry Level and three monthly Grand Prize winners! All prizes are right up Mom's alley with Entry-Level prizes of Php5,000 worth of groceries and Grand Prizes of Php25,000  worth of kitchen appliances.

*  You also have the chance of winning $100 US Dollars in cash if you share this info and           links  by writing a post on your blog which double your chances of winning. Now here is the link where you can register and be one of the ten lucky bloggers who can win $100 US Dollars in cash .

Don't you think that's grand ?

Of course it is. 

It is never too late to say,"Thank You" to our Moms. So what are you waiting for ? Come and join this awesome contest which ends on October 4, 2014. Hurry ! 

For more information,please visit You can also check their facebook and twitter pages for updates.


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