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Want to experience a close encounter with the Siberian-Bengal tigers that are just two feet away from you ?

You may want to read out loud what I just wrote.

Crazy as it may sound but it is true. However you will be watching them from a jeep like vehicle with a cage strong enough for you not to be considered as their lunch. 

But still they get to be near you, smell you and climb the vehicle to find a way how to get  to you. 

Just like  in the picture below.

Isn't he (or she) lovely ?

" Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are "

My apologies for not setting the right expectations. It seems that these Siberian- Bengal Tigers can really get near you. 

As in REALLY, REALLY near you.

If this is your definition of fun & excitement plus you really want to get to know these tigers, then come and visit ZOOBIC SAFARI.

Located at Subic Bay, the Zoobic Safari is one tourist attraction you will find at Subic Bay Freeport's Forest Adventure. Embracing a fifty hectare land, local & foreign guests can expect an astonishing sight of diverse exotic animals roaming &  frolicking in their simulated natural habitat. 

Other than tigers, the Zoobic Safari also features a wide range of animals such as crocodiles, snakes & lizards. The presence of streams, fringing grasslands and forests which Subic is famous for represent the major habitats for these varied exotic animals featured in Zoobic Safari Adventure Part, which is the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines with more than 50 tigers. 

Zoobic Safari has the following attractions to look forward to, namely:

(1) ZOOBIC PARK  - a two-hectare forest wherein guests will have a mini-trekking experience to see exotic, wild and semi-domesticated animals in their simulated natural habitat. Have the wonderful chance to pet and feed these wonderful animals – parakeets, bearcats, camels to name a few. 

(2)  SAVANNAH -  A sanctuary of the wild that features a wide range of ostriches, potbellies, wild boars, and guinea fowls. 

(3)  SERPENTARIUM -  Get inside an old ammunition bunker where you will see a showcase of various species of reptiles like snakes, lizards and  turtles. 

(4)  RODENT WORLD -  Features an amazing collection of rodents. Be amazed in Mice Surprise area and you may even see some guinea pigs being groomed in the Rodent Salon.  

(5)  ANIMAL MuZOOeum -  A rare collection of real stuffed animals, bone collections and preserved animal skin. 

(6)  CLOSE ENCOUNTER - A facility that allows one to take a close look at our Siberian-Bengal tigers only 2 feet away!

(7)  TIGER SAFARI -  Hold on to your seats as you enter a two-hectare enclosed area aboard our customized Safari Jeep and experience the thrill of being chased by full-grown tigers on the loose!  

(8)  BIRD WALK - Experience feeding the parakeets/love birds on the palm of your hand. Lovely!

(9)  AETAS’ TRAIL -  Have a glimpse of the beauty of our Native Aeta Brothers’ culture as they perform some of their traditional dances.

(10)  CROCO LOCOHave the chance to feed our crocodiles!  Just dangle a chicken tied to a bamboo pole and see how high they can jump to get your treat!

Now if you're excitement just started to build up, I am sure you want to know how to  get there.


There you have it. 

So if you and your family or your  friends want to spend an unforgettable adventure, head on to ZOOBIC SAFARI.

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