Saturday, April 23, 2016


The month of April is about to end a week from now. That simply means May is fast approaching which happens to be one of my favorite months of the year. And the reason is pretty obvious because May is Mother's Day month.

Barely 24 summers ago, Mother's Day did not really matter that much. Honestly, I have very few memories of how my siblings and I celebrated Mother's day with my Mom when we were still single but that had changed when we all had gotten married and had our own families. We became more aware on how difficult motherhood was. We learned and struggled how to be a parent and we were very fortunate that my mom has always been there to guide us every step of the way. 

People say that you only get to understand your own mother once you become one which happens to be true. That is why my siblings & I, together with my kids and the rest of the family make it a point to make my Mom feel valued and appreciated everyday especially on Mother's Day.

Yesterday, as I was browsing for Mother's Day Events on facebook, I immediately became interested in joining SM SUPERMALLS' "WHAT MAKES YOUR SUPERMOMS THE BEST" GIVEAWAY.


 Below are the steps on how you could join :

1. Visit and like the SM Supermalls page @
2. Click this link which will direct you to the post  "What Makes Your Supermoms The   Best.
3. POST YOUR #SUPERMOMS PHOTO in the comments section.
4. CAPTION YOUR PHOTO: My mom is a #SuperMom because and our family will treat her to a #HappySuperMomsDay at . #instaMOMents

 Very easy, correct ?

 In fact I already have joined. Below is my entry with me & my Mom in the picture.

 Sarah Mallari Bucu My Mom is a #SuperMom & also a SuperLola not just to me and my siblings but to all her grandchildren because she had remained strong, positive & humble despite the many health issues and challenges she had in this life. She maybe 81 years old & despite the numerous times she had a stroke, she is still proactive, sharp and abreast with the times that she knows Harry Potter, John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell & Janet Dailey. It would be awesome for our family to treat her to a #HappySuperMomsDay at SM Mall of Asia #instaMOMents.

By the way, as an added bonus, you get a chance to be one of 1,000 (yes, you read that right!) winners of SM GCs by simply following the steps.

With a simple greeting and a picture with your Mom, you not only get the chance to treat her at the nearest SM Supermall in your area but you also get the possibility of getting free SM gift certificates for joining.

So if I were you, go ahead and visit the SM Supermalls facebook page and tell the world how super your Mom is. 

For promo updates, visit SM Supermalls  

Monday, April 18, 2016


It seems there are a lot of good stuff and events that are happening this April. In fact my teen daughters' calendar is already full this weekend. With Earth Day Jam 2016 this Saturday followed by National Book Store's Grand Summer Art Camp on Sunday, I should say that as early as now, they are already planning their schedules so that they will not be late on both events.

Being their Mom, I am thankful that events like these keep my kids busy. It is the same thing when I have scheduled races to attend. I plan on it early, from what time do I wake up to the time I finish my run and get home safe. There are also days that there are events not just only for running that I plan on joining like writing & blogging workshops but sadly, I have to put them on hold because first, the venue was not accessible from my place, second the date coincided with another family or running event & lastly, the registration fee was not affordable at the time the event was held. 

One of the things I love about blogging is I get to share events and information that I find helpful and relevant to others. One will never know how informative a post is unless you share it. And one of these events is the Good Housekeeping Mommy Bloggers Workshop.

The workshop is sponsored by Summit Media and it will be held on Saturday, April 23rd from 1-4 PM at the 3rd Floor Ballroom 3, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel in Libis, Quezon City. The speakers include :

 Ginger Arboleda of
 Marketing Your Blog and Making A Name For Yourself

 Tin Dychiao of
  Brand Building/Treating Yourself As A Brand

  Shiela Catilo of Through The Eyes of Jorem and Shiela Catilo
  Shooting for Blog Entries:How To Shoot Products,Foods, Kids & Home


Ticket price is P500  but you can pre-register now to get P100 off and reserve a slot.
If you bring along a mommy friend, you only get to pay only P300 each.
There will  be lots of food, freebies & raffle prizes for the attendees where they also get to meet the  Good Housekeeping Philippines editors  who will also be there.

So mommy bloggers, tag along your mommy relatives & friends. Take advantage of the learning you will get this Saturday at the Good Housekeeping Mommy Bloggers Workshop.

To register you can email:
You can also send her a message through text @ 0917-8985978 (Globe) or  @ 0998-8403053 (Smart).

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Hear ye ! Hear ye !

Shout out to those artistically, creatively, gifted kids, adults & wannabes. You are in for a big treat on April 24th of 2016 as National Book Store invites you to its whole day affair in the GRAND SUMMER ART CAMP at the Main Mall Atrium in SM Mall Of Asia.


Here are the mechanics on how to join :

(1) Customers can participate in the activities with no minimum purchase requirement. 
(2) Registration starts at 10AM.
(3) Activities will be from 10AM to 6pm. Participants will be accommodated on a first come first served basis.

Below are the scheduled activities :

  • DIY Coloring Bookmark

  • Doodling & Coloring
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Crafts Making
  • DIY Project with Fabric & Color Paint Markers
  • Basic Sketching
  • Basic Manga Art Workshop

Aside from a whole day of fun-filled,educational arts and crafts workshops for kids and kids at heart, there will be lots of freebies,giveaways, promos, games, contests, mascot visits & other entertaining surprises.

So tag along your kids, family members and friends & mark your calendars. Do come in early to take advantage of this free & awesome Grand Summer Art Camp at SM Mall of Asia. Enjoy this fun filled whole day event and make sure to have this summer one of the most creative ones you ever had.

For more updates, visit the National Bookstore's website  or you can like their facebook page at

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The most important, longest running, biggest, free environmental music event in the history of the world is about to happen on April 23, 2016 at SM By The Bay in Mall of Asia. It is also one of the most awaited concerts by my young adult daughters who as early as now already told me that they will stay up until midnight and will be home by 1 AM. Take note of the word - told. No, they did not ask my permission because they know if for what ever reason that I might change my mind and not let them go, they will still follow their hearts' content and watch their favorite bands, for free.

I have to give it to them. If I may have been 20 years younger, I might do the same thing.


Earth Day Jam Foundation Inc initially started as "Dimitri Productions," which  was a brainchild by couple Lou Bonnevie & Toto Gentica. Being both artists, their passion for music and the arts became the perfect vehicle to share, create and produce various shows & presentations, TV specials & other music productions for both local & foreign clientele.

Since the year 2000, they have produced various environmental projects & has partnered with different government agencies. It was in 2012 that  Dimitri productions branched itself  into Earth Day Jam Foundation Inc (EDJFI). For 14 years the Earth Day Jam Foundation produced memorable concerts to inform and educate the public about advocacies &  awareness on how to continue protecting Mother Earth.

Below is the line up of some of the bands & artists who will perform on Earth day Jam.

Absolute Play
Barbie Almalbis
Basti Artadi
Flying Ipis
Kitchie Nadal
Lou Bonnevie
Noel Cabangon
The Chongkeys

and many more!

So if you want to spend your night  with your family & friends jamming with your favorite bands, singing your hearts out and spreading awareness on how to continue protecting our Mother Earth, head on to SM By The Bay in Mall Of Asia  at 5PM ,this April 23.

For more updates, visit  or you can visit their facebook page @

Friday, April 8, 2016

More Zoomanity Group Theme Parks to Visit In The Philippines

For those who were able to read my previous post regarding Zoobic Safari, you may be wondering if there are other theme parks where you can visit them in other parts of the Philippines. 

Great news ! Because there are more Zoomanity Group Theme Parks where you can spend your day with your family and friends filled with fun and excitement. 

Hold on  to your seats and fasten your seat belts.


Zoocobia is much more than a place to view animals. It is a complete educational and fun experience.  Situated in the beautiful, lush, forested foothills of the extended Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City. Zoocobia is an ecological experience of impressive proportions. Below are the attractions once you visited Zoocobia.

ZOOC - Now in the Philippines! The Zooc is a gravity car that is patterned after the luge in Sentosa Resort in Singapore. It runs on a 400 meter track with three hairpin curves that are guaranteed to make one’s ride a zoo-per thrilling experience!
BIRDS OF PARADISE - Have a very close encounter with colorful birds perched on tree branches. You will delight at their bright colors and melodious chirping.
PHILIPPINE’S PRIDE - This showcases various animals and plants that are endemic to the Philippines  which are indeed the country’s pride.
MAZE - Be amaze with our Garden Maze that features various animals topiaries. The thrill is when you go through the labyrinth and the challenge is to find yourself out of it.
BARNAll roads lead to “The Barn” where many animal-related activities happen. Experience bottle feeding baby farm animal such as goats, sheep and pot bellied pigs.
MENAGERIE - See a unique collection of stuffed real animals that have been preserved by our taxidermist.


 * How To Get There *



The Paradizoo Farm is the best destination to choose if you want to enjoy nature while spending leisure time with family and friends. Located in Mendez, Cavite, the place is full of rich gardens and animals that are roaming free to your delight while others are behind their fences.

Known as the theme park cum farm zoo, a visit to the Paradizoo will always sooth your senses. Overblown by the beauty of this serene “Paradise”, see the gardens full of vegetables and floral designs. Have a chance to interact with different interesting animals like llama, camels, miniature horses, ostriches, greyhounds, labrador retrievers or ride on a cart drawn by an albino carabao. Feel the “Plant Me Home” experience, where you can select and pick vegetables & and flowers from garden plots to take home. It’s a destination for pleasure, learning and healthy living.



   * How To Get There * 



If you are on a budget and are looking for a perfect place to go that is away from the noisy city, then the Residence Inn might just be the place for you.

Famous for its Mini Zoo and it’s excellent location overlooking Taal Lake, the Residence Inn at Tagaytay City is a remarkably fun place to be in. It has all the essential aspects of appreciating love for animals as you would see a lot of living attractions right before your very eyes.


* How To Get There *



Zoocolate Thrills is the only Adventure Theme Park in Loboc, Bohol managed by Zoomanity Group, operator of the famous Zoobic Safari in Subic. This promising tourist destination in Bohol offers captivating attractions for everyone. A river cruise is provided for those who want to explore the Loboc River. Our fun zoo has different animal encounters & enrichment such as ostriches, tigers, and bearcats. We also offer tram ride, horse/buffalo ride and zip/zing ride.


  * How To Get There *

So there you have it guys.

Whether you are near Subic, Angeles City, Cavite, Tagaytay or Bohol, you can get to visit any of these awesome Zoomanity Theme Parks.

Only in the Philippines.

For updates, rates, promos and packages please visit


Want to experience a close encounter with the Siberian-Bengal tigers that are just two feet away from you ?

You may want to read out loud what I just wrote.

Crazy as it may sound but it is true. However you will be watching them from a jeep like vehicle with a cage strong enough for you not to be considered as their lunch. 

But still they get to be near you, smell you and climb the vehicle to find a way how to get  to you. 

Just like  in the picture below.

Isn't he (or she) lovely ?

" Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are "

My apologies for not setting the right expectations. It seems that these Siberian- Bengal Tigers can really get near you. 

As in REALLY, REALLY near you.

If this is your definition of fun & excitement plus you really want to get to know these tigers, then come and visit ZOOBIC SAFARI.

Located at Subic Bay, the Zoobic Safari is one tourist attraction you will find at Subic Bay Freeport's Forest Adventure. Embracing a fifty hectare land, local & foreign guests can expect an astonishing sight of diverse exotic animals roaming &  frolicking in their simulated natural habitat. 

Other than tigers, the Zoobic Safari also features a wide range of animals such as crocodiles, snakes & lizards. The presence of streams, fringing grasslands and forests which Subic is famous for represent the major habitats for these varied exotic animals featured in Zoobic Safari Adventure Part, which is the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines with more than 50 tigers. 

Zoobic Safari has the following attractions to look forward to, namely:

(1) ZOOBIC PARK  - a two-hectare forest wherein guests will have a mini-trekking experience to see exotic, wild and semi-domesticated animals in their simulated natural habitat. Have the wonderful chance to pet and feed these wonderful animals – parakeets, bearcats, camels to name a few. 

(2)  SAVANNAH -  A sanctuary of the wild that features a wide range of ostriches, potbellies, wild boars, and guinea fowls. 

(3)  SERPENTARIUM -  Get inside an old ammunition bunker where you will see a showcase of various species of reptiles like snakes, lizards and  turtles. 

(4)  RODENT WORLD -  Features an amazing collection of rodents. Be amazed in Mice Surprise area and you may even see some guinea pigs being groomed in the Rodent Salon.  

(5)  ANIMAL MuZOOeum -  A rare collection of real stuffed animals, bone collections and preserved animal skin. 

(6)  CLOSE ENCOUNTER - A facility that allows one to take a close look at our Siberian-Bengal tigers only 2 feet away!

(7)  TIGER SAFARI -  Hold on to your seats as you enter a two-hectare enclosed area aboard our customized Safari Jeep and experience the thrill of being chased by full-grown tigers on the loose!  

(8)  BIRD WALK - Experience feeding the parakeets/love birds on the palm of your hand. Lovely!

(9)  AETAS’ TRAIL -  Have a glimpse of the beauty of our Native Aeta Brothers’ culture as they perform some of their traditional dances.

(10)  CROCO LOCOHave the chance to feed our crocodiles!  Just dangle a chicken tied to a bamboo pole and see how high they can jump to get your treat!

Now if you're excitement just started to build up, I am sure you want to know how to  get there.


There you have it. 

So if you and your family or your  friends want to spend an unforgettable adventure, head on to ZOOBIC SAFARI.

TAG Media and Public Relations is the marketing & branding arm of Zoomanity Group To know more about the theme parks, please contact us at 09166299381 or send an email to

For ticket rates, promos & packages, visit

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The COTOPAXI Way of Giving Back

The  backpack has always been a favourite essential whether you're on your way to school or to work. With its multi purpose use, travelers prefer to use it as well because of its convenience.  The same can be said  for those who love hiking or mountain climbing. 

One of the basic quality one looks for in a backpack is its durability and its design. Imagine climbing an 811 meter mountain above sea level with two liters of water, extra clothes, some light food, headlamp and other necessities in your backpack while balancing yourself trailing, climbing on a cliff on your way to the summit ? Then suddenly  your backpack gave in due to the heavy load. 

A real bummer, right?

I know it is an exaggeration but the point is if we are going  to travel for a hike or  a mountain climb,  we have to be sure that the basic essentials have been tried and tested. However, we usually prefer the ones that are made abroad. Not knowing that we have our own local products that are quality proven and the cause of pride for those who use them.

I am talking about the Cotopaxi backpacks.

Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia Backpack

Named after the famous volcano in Ecuador, the Cotopaxi is one of South America's most famous volcanoes and one of its most active ones. With its 5911 m it also ranks among the world's highest active volcanoes (26th highest). 


Cotopaxi is an outdoor gear company that has two worthy goals: to make quality outdoor packs and apparel and to help people while doing it by donating a portion of the profits to the specific charity that inspires each product.

One advantage that Cotopaxi has over their competitors is that they are direct-to-consumer which means that you won’t find their products at your local middle man but you will find that when you purchase their products, the quality/helping people bang-for-your-buck factor will be turned up a notch. 

Cotopaxi backpacks made by our fellow Filipinos

The Cotopaxi factory located in Mariveles, Bataan.

All in a day's work

Made with Pride by Filipinos
More than producing world class gear, being well known and earning from it, there is a  deeper reason why Cotopaxi chose to do good and give back. CJ Whittaker, VP for Product Design shared one of the reasons why.

“I love people. As an artist, I spend a lot of time figure drawing. Through artwork, I learned there are no ugly people in this world. I’ve met beautiful people, many which are experiencing a harder life than I am. From living in inner-city Milwaukee, traveling through Tonga, and working in the Philippines and Bangladesh, I’ve witnessed complete poverty and lack of security. For example, I’ve walked the same streets that girls are often walking when abducted and sold into the sex trade. I can not do anything.” –CJ Whittaker, VP of Product Design

Cotopaxi is a company founded on the principals of making a difference, moving people to do good, and inspiring new adventures. Below is Cotopaxi 's info graphic guide on giving back.

Cotopaxi Info graphic Guide on Giving Back

I have always known that we Filipinos are world class. To say that I am proud knowing where the Cotopaxi backpacks are made is quite an understatement. Now each time I see a Cotopaxi backpack with that tag written in Filipino, I am not only grateful that I helped spread the word about it but also feel humbled  knowing I was part of a chain that gave back and made a positive impact to the world.

For more updates, visit Cotopaxi's website at  or like their  facebook page @

Monday, April 4, 2016


I come from a family of book lovers. I grew up being surrounded by books and I considered them as my friends ever since I learned how to read. Needless to say, the library was one of my favorite hang outs in school. It was the first thing that I usually look for every time I visit a school and where I could stay for long periods of time without getting bored. It was a place where I felt at home and at peace with myself.

One of my fondest memories on how much my family love books  was that time when my eldest brother came home from school one weekend, running with some books in his hands. The school where all four of us went was about a  kilometer away from where we used to live. He was literally throwing them at our yard so he could run and hurry back to get some more books. I was still in Grade school then but if my memory served me right, one of the school caretakers were burning some old books that were infested by termites due to non use. My brother thought that he may find some books that were worth reading so he decided to salvage some of them. Looking back, there were a couple of books that I found valuable  and one of them was the famous "Tin Tin and the Crab"  which was a story filled with wit and adventure. It was a good read and to think that it was one of the things that my brother saved from that unfortunate burning of books that happened long ago, I was grateful I was able to read it and shared that story to my kids.

When somebody posted about A Book Drive for the UP College of Arts and Literature because of its unfortunate burning on April 1st, that childhood memory was triggered, making me remember that old book that was salvaged from the fire.I immediately became interested on how I could do my share in helping out. When I have learned that decades worth of Philippine literature and history went up in flames, I realized how massive the destruction was. 


One of the posts in their facebook page also touched a sensitive chord on how much was  destroyed and how badly they need our help

" Please join us in helping: Many of our friends and colleagues lost books, personal mementos, artworks, even bodies of their own work in the fire that struck the UP Faculty Center. We are collecting books for the English Department. Copies of canon works, literary classics, popular classics, books on teaching and writing creative nonfiction, fiction, literature, grammar, language, and so on are very welcome.
We're in touch with a few faculty members--who are understandably in shock and grieving right now--and we'll make sure they get your donations. PM us here.
If you're from another affected department (Speech/Theater, European Languages, Filipino, Art Studies, Social Studies, PolSci, History), please do start a collection for them as well. They will need it. Thank you "

 An infographic was also posted on how we could extend or help.


For office supplies, they are accepting the following :

 *Bond Paper (A4), Stapler, Staple Wires, Ballpen
 *Short and long folders 
 *Short & Long envelopes
 *Paper Clips, Alligator Clips 
 *Masking Tape, Scotch Tape, Tape Dispensers,etc 

." What does not kill you make you stronger." No one may have been hurt physically with that unfateful burning of the UP College of Liberal Arts but the wounds of what has been left may take a long time to heal. May we find time to help and do our share in anyway we can. Let us help restore a stronger UP CAL DECL. 

For more updates, please visit their facebook page on the nearest drop off points for your donations. 

For cash donations, please send a copy of the bank deposit slip to