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My name is Sarah Mallari Bucu and I am from the Philippines. I a Mom to seven laughter prone teens who will always be kids at heart. I am also a career woman who finds time for fitness through running, Yoga & Zumba.

This blog used to feature parenting blessings and blessings in disguise when I started way back 2012. From visiting other blogs, joining comment exchanges, I have learned to come out of my shell as I grew confident in expressing myself in the written word. I also have learned to promote and write about cause worthy events and advocacies, a bit of traveling, Philippine tourism, culture and history plus inspirational stories of ordinary people who chose to make a difference by simply following their heart's desire . 

If this is your first visit, I suggest you check on my favorite posts which were written at a time when I was just starting to blog. Plans of owning my own dot com & revamping this site could happen in the near future. I might also venture to working at home as I cannot see myself working for the corporate world years from now. As they all say, life begins when you get out of your comfort zone.

At any rate, feel free to get to know me through my stories and if by chance you enjoyed your last visit, I hope you could find time to  come back for more.

For comments, feedback, suggestions & collaborations, you can email me at sarahmallaribucu@gmail.com.


  1. You are a good writer Sarah.. I am happy we have connected on blogfrog and now your blog.. I will definitely be back.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Shauna !

  3. Hi Sarah! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog! :) Actually, I am planning to write posts on your suggested topics. :) Have a blessed Easter, dear, and may I say, I truly commend you for being the supermom that you are! :) God bless always!

  4. Thanks for your inspiring words Tina .

  5. Hi Sarah! Thank you for sharing such inspirational stories. Some memories from my childhood were conjured up as I related to many of the things that you shared. I am glad that we made a blogging connection. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family!

  6. Thanks Tanya, I am glad that you find my stories inspiring. Feel free to drop by anytime.

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Wow, that is truly inspirational, I have great respect for you as you are truly working so hard and are clearly an outstanding Mom!

    I have only begun to read your posts, and they are great - much for me to catch up on ! I look forward to reading much more and following your posts and stories. Thank you so much for following my blog and for the very nice and kind comments you've left.

    Best regards to you and your family!

  8. Hello Sarah!!

    You made my day! Thanks for being an inspiration! Good thing I stumbled upon your blogsite , this has been a great relief!.. I am a new blogger too and I am hesitant to continue at first ( specially when google disabled my google adsense, sigh..)but still I decided to continue writing so I can enhance the skill. Reading your blogs made me feel that I can do this as well and I am hoping that I can get as much as lucky as you ..I am not a good writer but i really love to write..
    Looking for more inspirational and true to the heart blogsites like this.
    Expect me on your site more often..:)

  9. Hi Sarah, I couldn't find you on twitter, so I'm posting this here! Thank you for the Versatile Blogger award!! :)

  10. Hi Sarah, you write very well. And I'm amazed by your being a parent to 7 kids with 3 having special needs. Wow! You must be a very loving, very kind and patient person. Pray for continuous blessings for your family!
    From Nors of workingpinoy.com

  11. Hi! I too love expressing my thoughts online and I am glad I found my way here:) and yes I will be back ♡