Saturday, December 31, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

Writing the letter "S" for the first time was a trying experience for me when I was a kid. A test of patience. I was almost five years old then and I do not know why. My mom was a grade school teacher and she handled 4th graders. Because she wanted me to experience how school was, she would bring me along when she teach. Until one day,she decided to let me "sit in" on one of the 1st grade class, with the permission of the teacher of course,who happens to be an Aunt. That was how it was at our Public Elementary School then. Though I got to meet new friends and learned a few things, sing new songs,played new games, I really had a hard time writing my name. Good thing I had a seatmate who was very smart and kind enough to teach me how. She said,"imagine you are looking at the number "5"and if  you can write that number, just soften the edges and that will turn into an "S."

Made sense.

So I started writing the number "5" instead of the letter"S" then followed by the letters "arah."Finally, I got to finish the seat work given by my teacher and passed that sheet of paper with  my full name written on it. "5arah Mallari."

I was the last to leave the classroom.

Surprisingly, my first year in school was not really that bad. I had learned to handle schoolwork and artwork. Learned how to read,count and write. And yes...learned to write my name properly starting with the letter "S."I ended 4th place in my class and even  recited a poem entitled Paalam"(Goodbye in English") at the Schools ' Recognition Day. I thought I was chosen because my mom was a colleague but later found out that my teacher picked me because I memorized and delivered the poem better than the other kids.

Looking it all back, I  realized that perhaps, some things start bumpy at the beginning but that does not mean it will end the same. At times you end it with a blast. But wether you start it strong or just testing the waters, the experience and the people that you meet make it more memorable.

Five years ago, my kids and I rented a small room for us to stay. I chose it because the school where they go to is just 15 minutes away. I decided I do not want to worry that much when they leave the house and add that to the stress of being a single parent. We stayed there for five years and because the rent went up unreasonably, my kids and I decided to look somewhere else. And with the help of prayers,family and friends, we found one.A small unit,where we can start again,but this time,with so much positivity that our lives will be better than the one that we have left .

All in  a day's work
At work, where most of my productive hours are spent, a lot of hellos and goodbyes were also shared. Some moving to a different team, having a different schedule,and others just prefering to work to  a different company.

This year, a colleague who is also mother figure decided to retire due to health reasons. A former boss will be transferred to a different program and to a different floor, and my  current boss will now handle a different team. Not only that, our lob(line of business)which started with 20 agents, perhaps even  more last March are now down to 5. There  had been a lot of movement.

At times, one really had to grasp the reason why you are working, thinking twice if you still  have the motivation to continue. Searching, yearning for that inspiration you once had every time you head for work. Sadly, at the end of the day,you find yourself asking if you still love what you are doing.Some may have the freedom to say goodbye. Others, just like me,  will still ponder, and will say"why not wait a    little while."

The people that you worked  with, the time spent,conversations and laughter shared, consciously unconsciously sharing not just their knowledge but their selves as well,letting you glimpse in to their tupsy turvy world they call life, sometimes not asking"why?"but just simply understanding, even for a short while, will always be things that you look back that will ellicit a smile, each and every time you meet on the floor, at the pantry and perhaps on your way home.

Team Koni (Utilities Team) Christmas get together

Life may be short guys,but i thank  you all for dropping by.

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