Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Gift Never Forgotten

Whenever I ask my kids about gifts, I give them choices.That way I can be sure the gift bought will be within my budget and at least I have the time to prepare myself.

Like when I asked them "which gift do you prefer this coming Saturday? A trip to the mall or a new dvd player? " and the answer will be unanimous. "A new dvd player," when I thought it would be a trip to the mall.

When I ask them why, they would reply,"because a day in the mall is good for one day where as with a new dvd player we can watch all day."


I usually tell them they are still lucky because when I was a kid I never had the opportunity to choose. In fact, I never knew how to receive a gift until that day when my aunt (and godmother from CA) had sent me a small package. It was a Minnie Mouse wrist watch, 70's edition. It was also the first time I had a watch. And just like any other kid I was so curious how it worked. I was so interested watching Minnie Mouse's hands which moved endlessly wondering if it will ever stop. I even thought when it will stop because Minnie's hands never got tired of moving so I played with it.
Well, it looked exactly like this.
(image credit: Bradley Minnie Mouse)

 Clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise, counterclockwise.

I would also listen to its tic tac sound, placing my wrist near my ear. I was just amazed and even hoped that Minnie's Mouse would turn as well. I enjoyed playing with my watch now turned into a toy. Until one day my dad noticed and told me that if I will not stop playing with Minnie's hands, she will grow tired and will not move anymore. Since I was just a kid then  I did not listen. Until one day the watch stopped working.

I never knew what happened with the watch after that. I might misplaced it or threw it away. I was too young too care.

When I had my own family, my kids and I would visit my mom and spend vacations at our old home. As a kid I was given the task to do the cleaning especially during weekends which I kind of miss when I started having kids. One day as I was tidying our old cabinets, something caught my eye that looked familiar. An old wrist watch with no bracelet, and Minnie Mouse's hands now gone as well.Turned out it was my old watch, my childhood gift that I turned into a toy. My dad must have kept it all these years because he treasure and keep things that matter to him, especially if it was a gift. Not only did he value the thought behind the gift but the memories that came with it. Since he had no means to buy me a Disney watch at that time, left alone any watch because we were very poor, he just left me play with it, letting me enjoy my curiosity as a kid hoping that one day I would remember.

In which  I did.

Now that I have kids and have long learned the value of giving, it dawned to me how precious that wrist watch had been. Not only had I learned that it became a collector's item which I never thought at that time but I realized that finding that watch again made it timeless. What more it made me look back that happy thought knowing there will always be a kind soul in my life who will always remember me when it comes to giving gifts. It was a childhood memory that always warmed my heart that I decided to share it with my kids.

I still have that watch.Though my dad had been gone for 24 years, my aunt still lives in CA together with my uncle who is my dad's younger brother. My aunt still remembers me especially during Christmas. And every time she sends me a gift, there will always be her handwriting which I recall vividly just like when I was a kid. Such memory always brings a smile on my face because after all these years she remembered me still. Just like the old Minnie Mouse wrist watch  that I have kept,  and  will never be forgotten.

(This post was first written December of 2011. My Aunt Afric and godmother  had crossed over due to liver cancer last August 31, 2012  peacefully in her sleep, surrounded by the people who loved her. Though it was sad that I never got to see or talk to her before she left, I am glad I was able to write a story of her kindness and generosity. She was indeed an angel, a fairy godmother sent from heaven .)


  1. Ma, I didn't know Tatay Dadong was that sentimental, too. Or maybe I did know, only that I can't recall it right now. hahahaha. Ganun din kaya ako.

  2. a really wonderful story about the important gifts in life...the ones that keep giving....nice post.

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  5. I'm always amazed at those who give their children more gifts they can play with and then those very children walk into the kitchen, pull out a pot and just start banging on it. All of a sudden, the "kitchen drum" is their new found favorite toy. I think it's great you give them choices. Great idea.

  6. thanks again fawn.btw,most of my kids thought a pot was a drum when they were young.and i think i knew where they got that from.