Monday, January 14, 2013

An Eventful Summer

Last year my eldest daughter Sam was invited by one of her instructors to become a volunteer of God's Special Children Inc. My daughter had no idea what she was into but because her instructor had been a volunteer for a long time , Sam sensed it will be a worthy cause as she not only get to help orphans but abandoned kids with disabilities and kids who have special needs as well.  Aside from that every summer the group holds a summer camp popularly known as Pedya Kamp where they get to tour different provinces in the country for free for ten days. I have to admit I was tempted to join but  since that would also mean ten days of no work and pay I decided to put it on hold (again). With another daughter entering college this coming June and another one on her last year of schooling I felt that it would be best to postpone my plan for now.

It would not be too hard to notice that my daughter has been enjoying her life as a volunteer since she has started. Despite her already busy schedule she makes it a point to join and attend the meetings even if that would mean she has to walk to and fro to Makati Medical Center. Though we live in Pasay we are just near the Makati area so Sam get to have some exercise as she walk her way to attend the seminars. Bu the real good thing about it is she get to take her brother with her to some of the activities as what happened when they went to Isabela for the first time where they spent their first summer camp for ten days. This time she said she will have her sister join. Kookie is my seventeen year old daughter who has learning disabilities and is now a freshman . Though she maybe independent this will be the first time that she will be in a summer camp with other kids and she has never been more exited that she cannot wait for the school year to end.

Perhaps there really is something more than just being a volunteer. My daughter is not new with handling kids especially those with disabilities. Being the eldest of seven brood I always thought that she already had enough of having them around. Seeing her interest and commitment to the group opened my eyes to a whole different meaning. Perhaps it is not the mere presence of having the noisy, tupsy turvy world of children with its ever ending demands of childcare that challenged her but the mere realization of giving one's time, attention and love to those who needed it more. A sense of fulfillment that maybe too hard to explain but can definitely be seen and felt by the heart.

For those of you who want to have an eventful summer you can drop by and visit Pedya Kamp's facebook page at I assure you it will be definitely worth the experience.


  1. Hey I love this! I attended the same way back in college and it was a good experience. It's always nice to have our children to be in this kind of activity. My children are too young so I have to wait few more years. Nice post!

  2. This is indeed a very worthwhile endeavor. It's great that your daughter is involved in this kind of activity. Not only is she lending a hand and helping out by being a volunteer, but she is also learning a lot. It's a very enriching activity either way we look at it.