Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Worth Dying For

With Typhoon Maring and its tail end still bringing gusty winds and occasional rains, most of us here in the Philippines continue to move on with our lives irrespective of flood, illness, hunger, lost lives and destroyed property. While classes remained suspended in certain localities, some employees chose to go to work. Rather than moping where our taxes had gone and thinking that this catastrophe might happen again next year, hope and faith still prevails for those who believed.

I was one of the reasons why he returned many years ago even if he knew that would cost his own life. Though righteousness may have been a road less travelled by many, some still believe that a life full of meaning is a life worth dying for.

Photo Credits to Pinoy Ako

I will and always be proud to be a Filipino.

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  1. It's a nice tribute...You know, I'm just wondering where his son is these days....parang MIA hehehe...