Saturday, April 12, 2014

How Your Foodless Plate Can Help Someone In Need

Food. One of man's basic needs. Along with shelter, clothing and water these are also the things that need urgent attention especially during times of catastrophes. But whether it is a case of emergency or not, the stress of urgency cannot be under estimated when it comes to food because hunger and its consequence is one universal call that touches everyone, whether well fed or not. Such issue is very close to my heart because my children and I had personally came to a point in our lives when we almost had nothing on our table except " lugaw, " which is boiled rice with a pinch of salt to add more taste in it. It may have happened ages ago and now part of a memory better left behind but that sensitive chord still gets triggered each and every time I see people with  leftovers on their plates or worst food being thrown in the garbage due to spoilage. And though it is true that spoiled food should better be left untouched due to health reasons, the fact that a lot of people die because of hunger cannot be easily ignored.

When I read about Healthy Options  program on how you can help someone in need by simply not leaving any left overs on your plate, I immediately became interested and was even inspired to write a post about it. The idea that you can lessen hunger by simply not throwing away food had again touched that chord and I cannot help but be part of such noteworthy cause which does not really take that much to join .

A foodless plate. A photo. A chance to help diminish hunger and make a difference. That's all it take to feed a less fortunate kid or nourish even a starving community. In joining this cause I have come to realize that my kids and I are such fortunate souls, that despite the fact that we had experienced hunger and deprivation, we had learned that we can turn things around and give back by loving our food and not throwing it away.

My autistic son's plate is always spotless after every meal 

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