Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Milestone

Last Friday, my three kids who have special needs went out on a date at McDonalds together with their eldest sister Sam to watch over them. They just literally walked to get there which had helped in calming them down as Sam had noticed each time youngest brother Red bug her to go out for a walk. On their way to McDonalds, Sam had instructed seventeen year old Kookie, who is now a freshman to order their food. She made her remember what meal needs to be ordered which was not that much (Their budget was just P200 or approximately $5.00 US dollars). Kookie slipped once when she was trying to recall what needs to be said, still Sam was confident that her sister will be able to do it. Besides it was Kookie's persons with disability id that will be used and her signature needed so they could have their meal at a discounted rate. Sam also felt that it was about time Kookie learned to do this on her own.

(Kookie, Red and Sidney enjoying their meal at McDonalds)

Their short order consisted of 4 McFloats and a couple of French Fries which only cost approximately P150 all because of the discount. It was just a simple date with a very basic meal, perhaps not even enough for my kids ever growing appetite. But it was another milestone for my learning disabled Kookie and in our lives as well, a sign that trust coupled with patience and love bring out the best in our children, wether they have special disabilities or none at all. Another feat deserved to be shared, remembered and write about knowing that this will just be one of the many milestones my children are about to discover and achieve in their pursuit for acceptance and independence.


  1. HI Sarah! hello there. wow, you know what this scene reminds of what Dr. Steve Gutstein
    "There is no Greater Pleasure than serving as a catalyst for another person's journey towards fulfilling their true potential" .. Learning takes place at every single phase and discoveries and experience our children make. cheers to your kids for enjoying that simple meal at MCD. and for the beautiful experience they all shared. its priceless!

  2. It really was MariaAna ! And thanks for dropping by .