Thursday, September 13, 2012

Be Fearless, Be Proud

I just created an account at Pinterest and I think I will be a constant visitor and follower from now on. There are a lot of awesome pictures, quotations either from famous people or anonymous ones. This early I already had some pins that are worth sharing and one of them is this.

I do not know who wrote this but it exactly describes what I have been through and the dreams I still want to achieve, may they be unrealistic or nearly impossible. The minute I read this I immediately chose and re pin it, inspiring me even to write a short post. It made me look back on that old movie "Hook" where Peter Pan played by Robin Williams, had grown old in the real world and whose  children were kidnapped by Captain Hook played by Dustin Hoffman. Good thing his friend Wendy, played by Maggie Smith now his mother in law helped him remember who he was and ever loyal  fairy, Tinkerbell played by Julia Roberts guided him back to Neverland so he can rescue his two kids. Thing was Peter Pan had long forgotten how to fly. The demands of the real world and the overwhelming responsibilities of parenting made it hard for him to remember. It was only when he started learning how to fly again and about to fall that he finally recalled everything especially when his  Neverland friends shouted "Do not forget that happy thought !"

I sometimes loose faith on things I still want to achieve because most of them are near impossible, even unrealistic. At times I feel time is my enemy, something that all of us do not have any control. Still, I keep hanging on to those dreams, those happy thoughts. I write about them, tell my kids and friends about it, never letting go. Time maybe running short but faith has a way of turning the impossible into a reality.

Besides I may find all of them coming true sooner than I expected.


(I would like to thank Rochelle who hosted this week's BC Bloggers Meme. Do have the time to visit her at My Not So Secret Diary here )


  1. You're such an inspiration. It exactly describes how I feel right now. I often loose faith on things I've plan to do as I also think its way hard to achieve. "
    Time maybe running short but faith has a way turning the impossible into a reality." What you've said merely answer it too. Thanks for sharing! God bless & Stay positive:)

  2. For someone who procrastinates, I would have the tendency to think time is my enemy while the truth is, I'm the enemy hehehe. Going on that premise, we should strive to make time our ally and faith, our stronghold. :-) Sometimes, it just takes a little more courage to get things done.

  3. That speaks of me. I thought I'd give up when I already have become strong with all the experiences I've accumulated over time. But over the years, I've matured into someone who's relentless and proud of what I've become despite the numerous obstacles that block my way.

  4. Yep this is really true! Be proud on what you have come because you have strive for it..:)

    Hope you can check out my share here.

  5. A powerful and sooooo inspiring single quote there sarah... :)

  6. That quote reminded me of one song I like. It says "Don't give up, don't give in, give it all to Him, cause he cares so much more than you know. When it seems who you really want to be, is someone you'll never become... just look how far you've come." Really nice song that I've never forgotten.