Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zumba All The Way

I had written, not once how I now usually start my weekends early with brisk walking and joining the taebo/aerobics class at Bonifacio Global City. Coming from an industry where it takes too much to wake up early in the morning since we spend our evenings working, most of my colleagues not only noticed but had seen how serious I am on my journey through fitness. However the weather had not really been cooperative these past days so I just had to accept I will be missing 2 days worth of exercise. So last night, I decided not to set my alarm since I will just be spending indoors the whole day.

Surprisingly I woke up at 4:30 am. It seemed my body had gotten used to waking this early during Sundays. I looked outside the window, hoping to see some stars but there appeared to be gloomy skies instead. Still I took a light breakfast consisting of a cup of cereal and two slices of wheat bread. I longingly looked at my running shoes hoping I could wear them that day until I heard the gushing of wind accompanied by light rains, sign that I have no choice but really stay home this time.That was when I turn on the computer and directly searched the word "Zumba" at

The Zumba is a dance fitness program created by Colombian dancer, choreographer and fitness instructor Alberto "Beto" Perez way back 1990's. Not known to many, Beto had created this widely renowned dance fitness by accident when he forgot the tapes for his traditional aerobics music on his way to teach a fitness class. Though what's inside his backpack were tapes of salsa and merengue, music that he grew up with as he was a native of Cali, Colombia, Beto spontaneously created his own dance-fitness routine where it focused on letting the music move you instead of counting repetitions just like in any aerobics class. Surprisingly, Beto's class became energized even smiling, proof that they loved what they were doing. And on that day a new fitness revolution was born - the Zumba Fitness Party.

The Zumba icon originally designed by Alberto "Beto" Perez

Zumba sessions typically lasts for an hour and the exercises include music with fast and slow tempos as well as resistance training. The music comes from cumbia, salsa,merengue, flamenco, chacha, samba, reggaeton, belly dancing, bhangra, hiphop music, axe music and tango. There are also types and classes for different ages and exertion.

1. Zumba Gold
   This targets the elderly generation (good thing I became interested early and not 14 years later) and it specifically designed to the needs of the elderly which also includes the same kind of music. That also gives one an idea how Zumba can encourage our mothers or fathers to join. One might even be surprised how quick they learn once they hear their favorite tango and chacha music.

2. Zumba Toning
    This are for people who do their workouts with toning sticks as this will target the abs,thighs,arms and other areas.

3. Aqua Zumba
    This is Zumba at its finest as it is done in a swimming pool.

4. Zumba in the circuit
    This is dancing combined with circuit training.

Since Zumba is low impact , it is safe for all ages and some of the classes are specifically aimed at elderly people, helping them build strength, improve motion and posture.

As I was doing my reading I also stumbled upon a video with no less than Beto  together with other fitness instructors doing the Zumba. While watching the first routine, it suddenly became familiar. I realized then that I had danced the same thing at a free Zumba class held last month at Convergys.

Instantly I grabbed my rubber shoes, put on the headset making sure not to bother those who were still asleep. And mind you I did not notice that almost two hours had passed as I followed, sweat, even cursed when I can't follow the steps immediately and the video lapsed. I even thought that I did not perspire much. Until I took off my shirt to shower and found that most of it was wet with sweat.

Typically a Zumba session burns between 500 to 1000 calories. Really? No sweat then. I think I just found another way to get fit even on a rainy day.

Below is the video where the first part of the routine was the exact dance I had done during a free Zumba class sponsored by our company. The man with the awesome abs is no other than Alberto "Beto" Perez. Feel free to join him  and you will realize it will be worth it. 

Zumba Fitness Live Workout

(Image credits to Zumba knowledge from and for references)

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  1. I love to do this...on my own hahaha! I don't like dancing in front of others...or maybe it just takes a bit of getting used to. :-)