Monday, February 25, 2013

Mommy Pages and My Favorite "Me Time " Prize

Mondays and Tuesdays are currently my favorite days of the week. These days are meant for catching up on sleeping, spending time with my kids and doing the laundry. They are also days spent on blogging, surfing the net for information and time spent for fitness and well being. At times I feel my rest days are kind of short perhaps because even when I am not at work my mind and body are just as busy as well.

It was two Tuesdays ago when I chanced upon a facebook page that caught my fancy because of of its name. I went ahead for a visit and after reading its posts immediately liked it. What more I decided to join its contest by posting a comment where you get a prize if you get chosen. My objective was to learn from other mommies' comments and winning was the farthest thing in my mind especially after learning that most commenters have very young kids. Still I went ahead and posted my comment. The question and mechanics were very simple. 

Now here was what I posted. Notice that there was even a grammatical slip that I only have seen while writing this post. (Hint: subject and verb agreement)

Sarah Bucu says:
When my kids were small reading and watching my favorite late night shows was my favorite “me time.” Now that most of them have grown up I look forward in joining the aerobics class at the park. I realized that since I chose to live longer for them I need to take care of my well being and it is good that they understand.

A week later I got an email stating I just won. I really could not believe my luck. I replied thanking them for choosing me as the winner then I visited their facebook page where it all started. And here was what I saw.

Winning is such a heady and wonderful feeling. To the admin and staff of Mommy Pages, thanks again and more power !


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