Friday, February 22, 2013

Not Just Wishful Thinking

I once read a story of a famous local actress who long wanted to have a white car for her kids. She just got separated from her comedian-husband who was then known for his philandering ways and developed relationships with his co hosts. Since this local actress was too proud to ask from the father of her kids, she pretended that she already had bought the car to the point of even telling her maid to open their gates almost every day so she can let the make believe car 's driver wheeled it at her parkway. Of course it was all done in pretense and the maid almost resigned thinking that her master might have gone cookoo perhaps because of the separation.

A few months after that, the ex husband called her saying that their kids were getting old and that perhaps it was about time they have a car that they can use during emergencies. Since the actress really wanted to have a car mainly because of her kids ' sake she did not decline. She just simply accepted her children's gift irrespective of the car's brand or color. On the day when the car was delivered both the actress and her maid could not believe what they saw. And as the driver parked the car at the pavement the actress ' face paled because in front of her was the brand new white car that she had long wanted.

This story happened in real life. Time and again I have learned that if you want something so badly, think and believe that you already have it. As crazy as it may sound but that's how dreams are made. Positivity is such a contagious thing, in fact each time I passed by a store where there are mobile phones on display, especially if they are on sale triggers that optimism that it wont be long that I will have one. And because I am one person who believes in getting my money's worth, when it comes to mobile or smart phones only one brand comes to mind - NOKIA. With all the financial demands of school, rent, utilities and other basic needs it is very hard at times to set aside for gadgets and recreation. And so I continue to long, plan and believe that one day I would eventually have that new Nokia phone.

A few days ago I got an email from Nuffnang about their current movie and raffle contest - Nuffnang, Nokia & Abenson Bring You "Oz The Great And Powerful " Movie Screening. Nuffnang bloggers get a chance to win tickets to a special screening of the great  Disney movie plus raflle entries to win either a Nokia Lumia 620 or a Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone. And I said to myself that the timing could never been better.

Below are some of the cool features of this new and awesome Nokia smartphone :

Live Tiles

From the word itself each tile gives you instant access to apps, contacts,emails, facebooks and tweets on your homescreen. These tiles update in real time when anything new happens. In other words each tile has a life of its own.

Nokia Smart Shoot

The next generation Lumia comes with  unique lens allowing you to take series of photos in a single click. You can combine smiles, edit images and enhance that shot that never took place and once done uploads your snaps right away for others to see.

Nokia City Lens

With this feature you get to discover your favorite city or a new one you just visited just by holding your phone up. You can find suggestions where the coolest restaurants, bars, and watch these nearby places pop up on your screen as well. You also get to read reviews, get phone numbers,link to websites and create a list of places to visit another time.

Wireless Charging and Swappable Shells

With wireless charging it allows your phone to charge by simply putting it on its plate to boost the battery. There are lots of wireless to choose from - including the cool Nokia Wireless Charging Plate and the Charging Pillow by Fatboy. If you want to charge the Lumia 820 just add a wireless charging shell.

Ain't it cool not to look for your charger especially if you are in a hurry or had forgotten to bring it over ?

Nokia Lumia Windows 8 smartphones come with full versions of Microsoft Office, Outlook and Internet Explorer 10. You can create, edit Microsoft Power-Point, Excel and Word documents when you are out and about and browse everything like a breeze.

Since one of the Abenson stores that required visiting is the Abenson Glorietta 1 which is just a few walks away from where  I work I decided to pay it a visit to check out this newest gadget craze that just gotten out in the market.

Abenson Glorietta 1

With Faye, the kind and charming Abenson staff who welcomed and answered all my queries making me feel home at Abenson


The Nokia Lumia Family. Except for the Nokia Lumia 920 which will be available this April , both the Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumina 620 are now distributed in all Abenson outlets

Getting the feel of the Nokia Lumia 920

Aside from the wide selection of appliances and gadgets there are also perks that you can get at Abenson. With as low as 0% interest for every credit card purchase made, one can pay as low as P500 /month for that gadget you had been longing for. Add to that is the exclusivity to get freebies.

And because I decided to join this promo , look what I've got for simply being a Nuffnang blogger and gracing this Abenson store.

Freebies !!!

I may not be a beggar but I really do not have the right to be choosy. With all the perks and cool prizes in store, aint' it fitting again to say,

"Be careful what I wish for , I just might get it ? "

For those interested to join Nuffnang, Nokia and Abenson Bring You " Oz The Great and Powerful " Movie Screening Contest please visit

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  1. I thought I left a comment here hehehe...I must have been distracted, you know how it is in the internet. I must have clicked on the links here and then long story short, I forgot to comment lol! I hope you do win this one sis! I have had those moments of wishful does happen sometimes. That's the power of the mind...