Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Day I Met Maddie and Matt

I belong to an age of games called piko (hop scotch), taguan (hide and seek ) and patintero (the game that until now has no English translation). Except for hop scotch where you simply hop and kick your magic stone (pato) to its destined location in order to win, the patintero and hide and seek are the more famous group games that will leave you thinking of strategies, running, yelling and for the desperate ones, cheating until you win. What made these games more exciting was you can play it at any time of the day, even during evenings especially during summer vacations. Yes, those where the days when playing was fun beneath the moonlight.

Nowadays games and recreation had become different. A lot of kids can now play games at the confines of their homes, at school while waiting for the school bus or for their parents to pick them up, even while commuting on their way home.Though these games need not to be physical and done in groups, some kids still get to be entertained and even learn from them. With the help of a mobile phone, ipad, psp or gameboy now almost everybody can play.

A week ago I got an email from Rhea Del Corro of Applabs Digital Studios Inc asking me to do  review on a kid's application named Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth, a free kid application for iOS and Android devices aimed to teach kids on how to save Mother Earth in their own special ways.The application also hopes to raise awareness not just to kids but to parents and adults as well about the status of the environment and on how we can do our share to save it for future generations.


I was able to use the application and have my kids tried it as well. I find it informative and helpful especially those interactive games on how to save water, electricity and how to properly segregate wastes which I never stop reminding my kids each time they tend to forget as in my opinion these things should be told over and over again until they learn their lesson. Sadly even in my place of work some adults still do not know how to do their share in saving the only planet we have simply by throwing their trash in the waste baskets. Thus the move to start teaching kids while their still young and infusing this knowledge through modern technology with the continued support of family members, the school and the media will serve an important reminder that we all have a responsibility to take care of our planet before it is too late.

If you want to know more about Maddie and Matt please visit maddieandmatt.com. You can also check on Applabs Digital Studios Inc facebook page here or visit their website at applabsdigital.com.

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  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for dropping by our blog. Like you, I also played piko and patintero as a child, not too well though, I'm afraid. Kids nowadays have a different idea when it comes to "games". Most of it is done online. Some games are good and educational, but many contain violence... we have to be vigilant as parents. =)