Monday, March 4, 2013

First Food in a Jar

When I had my first kid I really did not know what to do. Learning was such a struggle and there were days that tears of frustration and helplessness almost ate my whole being. Looking it all back sometimes I could not help but smile and wonder how I was able to pull it through.

Now when I see young children in school uniforms, street kids laughing, playing  without a care in the word and even baby clothes and food, I remember my own children when they were young and how they are all grown up now. Time indeed flies so fast.

These past days one baby product always make me stop and smile as seeing it again made me look back how my eldest daughter got a taste of her first food. I am referring to Gerber First Food. Pureed in smooth texture and stored in cute little jars, Gerber First Food come in either fruit or vegetable variant making it suitable for your baby's first taste of eating experience. Made with fresh ingredients and without any preservatives, Gerber Food uses Airlock Technology to keep that freshness in taste and prevent contaminants.

How could one ever forget that signature "pop" each time a Gerber jar is opened proof that its contents were served with just pure freshness and safeness ? It was like music to my then baby Sam's ears announcing it was time for her to eat . Not only that sound remained but its history of serving safe and yummy first food any baby and parent would always remember through the years.

If your interested to get free Gerber samples for your babies first food please visit their virtual farm and take a tour at


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