Tuesday, March 12, 2013

McDonald's National Breakfast Day

I grew up in a family where breakfast was the most important meal of the day, where skipping meals were not allowed and leaving lots of left overs was a sin. My siblings and I were taught that every grain of rice that was left on one's plate, worst that went out of one's plate was a blessing put to waste. That was how much we value food and every meal that we took especially if there was not really much to share.

Through the years I have told this short story to my kids many times for them to realize that  millions of people around the world experience hunger not sparing anybody to the point of causing them their deaths. Thus I tell them that it is important that no food gets wasted and thrown out of the garbage. And when things cannot be avoided and some food gets rotten, I immediately ask the Heavens for forgiveness and the discernment that I should try harder  not to repeat that same mistake again. 

When I saw the current ad at Churp Churp Philippines , I immediately got interested, shared it on my facebook wall and tweeted it without having second thoughts. I also decided to write a post about it hoping that people would know the reason behind the said event. I am referring to McDonald's National Breakfast Day where 34 markets across 16 timezones in 5000 restaurants all over Middle East, South Africa, South Africa including the Philippines will have the first and biggest breakfast activation this coming March 18. 2013.


On the said event 1000 McMuffins will be given in all McDonald's stores open for breakfast from 5am to 9am only. These McMuffins will be given away for free on a first-come-first-served basis and can be claimed on all McDonald's stores wether dine in, take out or drive thru. This Egg McMuffin is made from a freshly cracked Grade A egg, lean Canadian bacon and melty 100% American cheese in between warm perfectly toasted English muffins.

So to start one's day with a positive note, always have time to eat your breakfast. In my case I might even drop by to the nearest McDonald's store in our place this coming Monday and get the chance to take out Mr. Egg McMuffin while walking  my home.



  1. What good excuse kaya could I say to my boss to be able to get my free muffin? Lol! I'll tell him I'll get him one also hahaha!

  2. Well that is a good excuse . Lol !