Friday, March 22, 2013

Learning From Each Others' Stories

They all say that parenting is the most difficult job in the world. There are no degrees nor schools meant to prepare anybody especially one who took the plunge in parenting accidentally. I wonder how the world and our children would turn out if things would have been different. With the ever changing demands of parenting and childcare, parents especially mothers turn to books, media , their families and friends for support hoping that they are doing the right thing.

Through the years I have learned that motherhood is a continued learning process. As parenting issues grow and become complicated in proportion to my kids' age and development I have to admit there were days that I have to rely on my gut feel and firm sense of values handed down by my parents but have been modified through the course of time in handling each and one of them. From early symptoms of viral infections to the most heated argument with a daughter who insists on working her butt out to earn, I sometimes feel I need to learn more to cope up. Though I admit that at times I am tempted to give in still the instincts of motherhood helped me to hang on at the end of the day.

They all say that mothers know best.That perception maybe a little bit frightening because of the high expectations that people think mothers should know all the answers to the questions when in fact we honestly don't. The knowledge in handling our families come from the never  ending hits and misses that we learn from everyday experiences that oftentimes make us forget ourselves, thinking that we were born only to give. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why not only our families put us on invisible pedestals for every hurdle that we win and every accomplishment we achieve no matter how big or small it is.

So from drinking only safe distilled water to having their kids live life to the fullest, I salute all parents especially moms who only long to give what is best for their families. And since each mom has a story to tell and we learn from each other stories, you may want to share yours by joining Smart Parenting Magazines's Moms Know Best , "The Wilkins Distilled Water Writing Contest."

The mechanics are easy :

* In 400 words or less, write about how you give your family your utmost love and care. You may include the challenges you faced, the lengths you've gone to or the sacrifices and difficult choices you needed to make. You can choose to write your own story in English, Tagalog or even Tag-lish.Then submit your story here. *

* This contest is open only to mothers from  the Philippines aged 18 years old and above. *

The prizes :

* Writers of the five (5) selected stories for publication in magazine will each receive Php 5,000 pesos in cash and Php 5,000 pesos worth of gift certificates for Wilkins products. *

* One grand winner will have her story turned into a short film AND will receive Php 10,000 pesos in cash and Php 5,000 pesos worth of gift certificates for Wilkins products.*

So what mother would not want to win these great prizes ? I for sure would not think twice of joining  and that was exactly what I did. Besides, I might even learn a thing or two , even get inspired from my fellow moms too.


  1. hi. thank you for visiting my site, Occasions of Joy. Thank you too for sharing this Wilkins contest. I'm hoping to join, too.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Joy ! I know I would learn from your written story as well .