Sunday, September 22, 2013

Running In The Rain

It has been over two months that I have not done my early morning run nor walk from work to my home since I had my injury. Though my doctor told me that he could not see any reason why I cannot run again he strongly advised me to take it easy and wait for my injured foot to heal. As hard as it was I tried my best to comply but I have noticed that since I now only exercise once a week I again became sleepy at work, worst even during my rest days. I told myself that I should go back to brisk walking or running again, even twice a week at least. Would you believe that my prayers have been heard as last Friday there were literally no jeeps available due to the heavy traffic. I had no choice but to walk all my way to work and mind you I was not late. I took that as a cue so after having fully rested on Saturday I woke up at about 4 am to prep myself for my Sunday aero at the park. Coincidentally it was also the day for my son's DOST scholarship exam so as I prepared for his breakfast I took time to do some warm ups. I did some stretching while I boiled water, fried a couple of sunny side ups and  "broiled tilapia" in case he wanted to eat some rice. When the food was ready I took a couple of sandwiches, drank my cereal and woke my son for his big day. As I readied myself and got dressed, I told him that I have to leave early because it was a Sunday and that I did not want to be late. Good thing my son understood what I meant and after telling him to lock the door properly, I hugged him tightly and said my goodbye.

As I left the building I have forgotten that it had been raining the past evening and much to my dismay the sky was a bit dark. I was thinking twice of getting an umbrella but I might be late again. The warm up exercises at the park usually starts at 5:30 am but recently it became thirty minutes early because of the rains. So instead of going back I went ahead and did my early morning run until I reached the terminal on route Bonifacio Global City. Luckily I came just in time before the group exercise started however at the middle of the aero, the rain started to fall and to my disappointment it did not stop until the pavement was drenched. I was tempted to curse at the rain but decided that once the downpour lighten a bit I might as well go home and accept the fact that I have to wait for next Sunday to visit the park again.

On my way home I managed to jog with a few fitness buddies and tried to exchange some light conversation before we separated. It was good to know that there were still people who find time to get fit that even the uncertain weather could not stop them from doing what they like best. Though I felt somewhat cheated that day I tried to make the most of what's left. The rain continued to fall and as I alighted from the jeep which passed by the market in front of the San Ildefonso Church I still took time to buy some bananas and squash. Funny I was thinking of that "broiled tilapia" that my son must have left untouched and unmindful of the pouring rain, ran myself to my heart's delight on my way home. I know for a fact that some onlookers may have wondered what had gotten into me especially with my gray hair and all but I did not really care. In all honesty it had been a long time since I had ran in the rain and though it was just a short run, I am glad I had the chance to do it again.


Life is too short to live with regrets anyway.


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