Thursday, September 19, 2013

The International Beauty,Health and Wellness Expo

Perhaps we have heard not just once that to live a healthy life is a wealth in itself and that with age comes the wisdom that beauty cannot just be seen in the eyes of the beholder but from the inner peace that comes from within. Though some resort to traveling, going to the spa, or discovering a new restaurant to unwind and to handle stress, still a portion of the pie goes to those who want and choose to live a healthy lifestyle. And because such interests had grown through the years it is only but natural that a venue not only for health and beauty enthusiasts but for business minded individuals meet and gather every year to showcase the current trends and information that would help enrich the well being of those who advocate for it. 

My interests on fitness and well being had been sparked early mainly because of my family history. Information, updates, events and even tradeshows about health and well being always catch my interests each time I stumbled upon them online. Thus when I received an email that The International Beauty, Health and Wellness Expo will hold another event this year I did not think twice on writing about it.

Headed by  Ex-Link Events manager and trade show organizer Orly Ballesteros, The International Beauty, Health and Wellness Expo  (IBHWEX) offers international trade associations, manufacturer, exporters, importers and wholesalers the platform to launch their products in the Philippines. The event's main purpose is to create a venue for local buyers, manufacturers, suppliers to meet potential foreign partners, manufacturers and suppliers as well as to showcase the newest technology and products that can compete internationally. It also invites  not just the business players, beauty, health and wellness enthusiasts but the public as well to experience plus enrich their knowledge on this three day program slated this coming September 26-28,  2013 at the SMX Convention Center.

Interested parties may pre register at the event website. You can also view the program and scheduled events here. See you there!


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