Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Lampara Story Writing Workshop

I used to spend a lot of time reading. I had always loved to read ever since I learned how, in fact there was a time in high school when I read more than I studied my lessons, something that an observant friend and teacher who turned out to be bookworms had noticed. At first I thought it was just okay but when I started misplacing  my library cards, cramming on home works and school projects, worst paying fines for overdue borrowed books I slowly reduced my time reading on school days and just made up for it during vacations. Looking back I realized I never regretted any of it and given the chance I would do it again.

When I started working I spent less and less time reading books and even novels. Deprived of regular sleeping hours plus the demands of parenting and work contributed to it. The last time I had a chance to read was when I filed for a LOA due to my mom being hospitalized. In less than a week I got to finish two James Patterson books both given to my daughter who is a much more book addict than I am. I found out that I could still do fast reads and tell when some scenes are becoming predictable, even to the point when the author is drying up creatively that the story becomes dragging. Though my expectations after reading the books were not met, still I was thankful that I got to spend time  knowing, learning and meeting a new set of friends and characters in a world that I will never get tired of coming back.

I have long wanted to write a story, not the crime and legal fiction ones packed with action and conspiracy theories that I enjoy reading nor the adult love stories with all the relationships drama where my interests are no longer triggered. Ever since I had read the Harry Potter books and watched them all in film I learned that there was this child in me that had been awakened which helped me understand and cope the crazy life of being a parent to my seven kids. I realized that stories about kids, with all their craziness made me forget how cruel this world sometimes can be and why I decided and chose to look and see the world in the eyes of a child. I also know that in order to be an effective story writer I need to know at least some basics. Considering I never really had journalism subjects way back in high school nor took up a creative writing course in college, I only have this blog, family and friends to share my stories.

Coincidentally this coming Saturday, Lampara Books Publishing Inc  together with Precious Pages will hold a Children's Story Writing Workshop at the 2/F SMX Convention Center Meeting at RM 8, from 1-5 pm on Sept 14. 2013. A special treat is given to teachers, librarians and students where they get a 30% discount when they buy three books of any Lampara Books imprint and get a free ticket for the Lampara Story Writing Workshop. Take note that books should be bought at the 2/F  SMX Convention Center starting on Sept 11, 2013. This in connection with The 34TH Manila International Book Fair   event which will run from Sept 11-15, 2013.

Slots will be limited as the first 80 registrants will only be accepted. So if you are interested to join and learn from this Children's Story Writing Workshop go grab this opportunity. It is never too late to chase the dreams you thought you have missed. 


  1. This is a great event. I wanted to come but schedule does not permit. I hope there will be more of this. Are you going?

  2. I think they do have writing workshops every year A! I really hope I can join this time. Thanks for dropping by always.