Monday, March 14, 2016


I have been a mom for 24 years. Many people would think that with my experience I already have learned a lot from the twists  & turns of parenthood, that I have mastered the art of rearing kids who are now mostly adults and teens.

Nothing can be further from the truth. 

As kids grow older, their needs and issues get complicated and more demanding as well especially when it comes to schooling. And though two of my kids are already degree holders, I still have two more who are still in college. Some may say I know how to budget my money but sadly I do not until know. I take advantage of company loans and borrow money during emergencies from colleagues and family relatives, making sure to keep my promise to pay it in full, at times in installment basis. I do not have any insurance, savings or investments. Heck, I do not even have a emergency fund. These words are very alien to me. Though I am not an impulsive buyer, into food trips, buffet or traveling, I feel that it is about time to learn the discipline of handling my finances  and investing in the  future before it is too late. Good thing I have stumbled upon Mommy Mundo's upcoming event named MomSchool 3.0 FAMILY GAME TIME  this coming Saturday, March 19,2016, from 9AM to 12NN at F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City. 

MomSchool Poster

Co Presented by Sun Life, Moms and Dads together with their kids aged 8 years and above are in for a three hour treat as they go through simulations of life situations with the help of the Praxis Board Game. This exciting and interactive board game was designed for hands on learning about spending, saving and investing money. Praxis will have the Moms and the Dads as well go through life events such as  landing a job,getting a promotion and getting retrenched. They also will learn when is the best time to invest and where to put their money, tighten ones' belts and increase their credit rating so that they are in a position to borrow money when investment opportunities arise.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed and intimidated when it comes to handling ones finances. Personally, the mere thought of budgeting stresses me especially when money is tight. It is a trait that I want to improve on especially that I am not getting any younger anymore. And since it takes a lot of practice, discipline and consistency to form a habit, I firmly believe that one day I will finally learn the skill of handling my finances until I become financially secure.

So if  I you and your family want to learn how and where to start your financial journey, come join Mommy Mundo's MomSchool 3.0 Family Game time this Saturday. It is a free event so invite your friends, relatives and colleagues. Since slots are limited, pre registration is required so simply register here or text 0908-8657245.

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