Monday, March 7, 2016

My Daughter is One of the K-POP Singing Contestants at HALLYUNIVERSE III

I never thought that day will come when I would write anything about Korean Pop Culture. Honestly I have nothing against it. I enjoy watching their Korean novellas because of their stories  be it drama, comedy and even epic. I never get bored watching them compared to most of our local novellas which are in dire need of better scripts due to their predictive plots, rehashed twists that even my daughter who has learning disabilities know what is going to happen on the next episodes.

Pathetic it may seem but sadly it is true. We need better  stories or else our way of thinking when it comes to real entertainment will go down the drain.

As for my preference for Korean Music, I am still a die hard OPM fanatic and though a lot of our local music is also slowly dying, I am still not going to give up that one day, quality OPM songs and music will again be heard and sang by our youth.

Now what if you have kids who are die hard K-POP fans that at times you start to question why most of their posts on their facebook wall are in Korean characters to the point of hearing them sing K-POP songs (with feelings)almost everyday without even understanding a single word that they are  saying?


Just plain weird and awkward.

Especially if one day, you saw them dressed up like their K-POP idols or worst, had their hair dyed in yellow or pink. You try your best to understand them and not to question if a total stranger had mistaken you as her mother. You avoid asking them if they have a problem or what causes are they fighting for.

Ugh. Parenthood. 

I could appreciate music but when you have a daughter who sings Korean songs where you do not understand a word almost everyday whether inside the bathroom or before midnight, then can you blame me not to get fed up at times especially when some of your neighbors are already in dreamland?

I  am  not insensitive and I know that my daughters' feelings get hurt when they feel that it seems their Dad and I do not support their interests. Since the last thing I want is to create a gap just because of K-POP and everything that goes with it, I decided the next best thing to do. Instead of building walls, I chose to create bridges and learn a little bit of their world.

Through stories shared before bedtime, my daughters would talk about Koren movies language, history, geography and culture. I learned that two of them had learned to write and speak the language with no difficulty where as one spends her Sunday afternon learning it for free from Korean missionaries. I am quite amazed and proud at the same time because I have learned that their interests in the culture went way beyond dressing up or dying their hair.

I was even surprised when my daughter, Sarah Skyler will compete this Saturday at the yearly HALLYUNIVERSE in UP Diliman.


Hallyuniverse III: 삼mer (summer) is the flagship event of HallyUP this 2016. A continuation of the previous Hallyuniverse events, 'Hallyuniverse: The K-Pop Takeover' and 'Hallyuniverse 2: Hallyuniversity' which was deemed the largest and most prestigious event of the sole student organization in the university catering to the appreciation and promotion of Korean popular culture or K-Pop, 'Hallyuniverse III: 삼mer' aims to bring the K-Pop community together in an afternoon of music, dance, games, and all-around enjoyment celebrating the richness and vibrancy of K-Pop.

The event  will be this SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 2016 at GT Toyota Asian Center, UP Diliman.
You may start reserving your tickets at Ticket prices are at Php120 for PRE-SELLING, and P150 for DOOR PRICE.
I asked my daughter if she can give us free tickets for the event. I was not surprised when she told us that she will think it over. At any rate I would love to watch her perform and sing with feelings even if I still could not understand a single word that she will sing.

Honestly it does not matter.

For now.

For those of you who love K-POP and every little thing about it, please visit HallyUP at   You could also follow them on twitter at  and on Instagram  @


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