Sunday, March 27, 2016

Reminiscing That Day When My Daughter Sang At HARANA NG PUSO - DWBR FM

"You are different. Very different from your peers and I can see myself in you. " said the radio announcer from "Harana Ng Puso."

Four years ago, my daughter got invited to sing in a radio station which airs every Sunday at 9PM. Most of its listeners are old people. People who still appreciate Kundiman songs and everything associated with it.

My daughter is one old soul. She had known this at an early age and embraced everything that went with it. Old houses, old culture, old songs, old movies, old fashion. She enjoys talking with old people and people with old souls.

Well not just old people, but unconventional old people. People who continue to grow, who are not afraid or never cared what other people thought and what society dictated. I have to give it to her because I believe this world need a lot of those unconventional people in order to survive in this sometimes cruel world.

If you are like my daughter who loves everything old, who has an old soul and is not afraid to embrace your unconventional self, do take time to listen to the video. Below is the link to it. By the way, the young lady wearing the red blouse is my daughter, Samantha when she was 19 years old. She is now 23, still an old soul.

"Harana ng Puso" guesting @ DWBR FM (104.3 MHz)

The song was originally sung by Ms Celeste Legaspi, composed by Philip Monserrat and lyrics written  by Levi Celerio.

 Goodness, I never thought that one day, my daughter would sing a song whose lyrics were  written by a National Artist.

( Photo and Video Credits to Pauline Gail Librojo Mendoza )


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