Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BoomWriter Storytellers Camp

Want to have your kid's story publish with the help of a blockbuster author? It maybe too good to be true but this coming July BoomWriter.com will give you the chance to write and get published with a celebrity guest author Jeff Kinney, the best selling author and cartoonist of the Diary of A Wimpy Kid Series  who will be there at the BoomWriter Storytellers Camp to help your kids  get started.


 The BoomWriter Storytellers Camp provides aspiring middle school-aged writers to be published and camp participants will also receive daily writing lessons and be inspired by Jeff Kinney to create compelling original stories.

 Now who can join?

Sadly this is for aspiring writers entering Grades 6-8 but if if this storyteller camp is open even to those kids at heart I will grab this opportunity at a drop of a hat. I always enjoy watching the Diary of A Wimpy Kid Stories, with all its craziness and kid stuff fiasco plus I love watching it together with my kids where our laughter and noise could annoy even our neighbors. Thankfully my kids and I have not been reprimanded yet.

The online writing camp starts on July 22nd and ends at Aug 16th of 2013. It will be a one-week online writing camp consisting of instruction,writing,feedback and peer review. Each morning which is anytime between 7am to 11am EST campers get to view an online writing lesson then read, write and submit their entry. All submissions will be reviewed by BoomWriters instructors. Then later in the day which is anytime between 3pm to 10pm EST campers will read the submissions of some of the other participants and get to vote they like best.Campers will be notified of the winning submission the following morning prior to that days' lesson. The process will continue throughout the  week until the story is completed and a book is published.

Ain't it cool to attend a storyteller camp even at the confines of one's home? Sadly I only have one daughter who just entered 8th grade and her interests are on DIY and crafts but for parents,guardians and even teachers who are interested you can now encourage and help register your kids at BoomWriter.com. Space is limited so do not delay in reserving your space in the camp.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. It was written for the reason that I love the Diary of Wimpy Kid stories and simply because I am always a kid at heart.

For more info on BoomWriter Storytellers Camp visit boomwriter.com/Summercamps


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