Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Solutions For Common Eye Problems

Being that people constantly use their eyes, except during sleep, it is only right to want them to work well and feel great. Unfortunately, every part of the human body comes with several potential problems and whether you have dry eyes, red or puffy eyes or sleep-related eye issues, there are many possible solutions  for you.

Dry Eyes and Allergies

With seasons changing every couple of months, many people feel the effects. If your eyes are dry and itchy, if you use eye drops or if your eyes are red from all of the rubbing that you're doing, you probably need some kind of allergy treatment. One way to help you with this as you sleep is to use goggles with temperature - related treatment. Reusable gel packs are used to create heat and moisture for your eyes. This can protect them against drafts from the air conditioner. Basically, oils are released from your glands and the goggles help to slow evaporation of your natural tears, keeping your eyes moist. Talk to your doctor for other solutions for dry eyes.

Red or Puffy Eyes

Just like with your muscles, you need cold temperatures to reduce inflammation. If your eyes are puffy, the same solution applies.The same goggles mentioned above also include cold therapy solutions, which can reduce sinus pressure and lid puffiness. Other external products can be used to moisturize and rapidly regenerate cells to create a younger look to your eyes. Redness in your eyes is actually a symptom of dryness so using the hot and cold treatments should reduce redness and retain the whites of your eyes.


Sleepy Eyes

Sadly many people have sleep disorders or don't get much sleep due to frequent traveling for work. Being on  a plane can make your eyes dry, resulting in symptoms mentioned above. Other people deal with sleep apnea and use C-PAP which is a breathing machine to make it  through the night which can result in dry eyes. You maybe one of many people whose eyelids do not close all the way during sleep. Silicone shields or temperature-regulated goggles can help with all these problems and those mentioned before. Visit and ask your doctor if this could be a solution for you.


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